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June 15, 2016

Humanitarian Hotties

By Elizabeth Shore

Even before the early morning Sunday horror of the nightclub shooting in Orlando, I had been grappling with a sense of dejection over the daily persistance of bad news. There’s so darn much of it. Seems like every time I click on a news website it’s more of the same: terrorism, murder, animal slaughter, wars, etc., etc., etc. A friend of mine refuses to watch, read, or listen to the news because, as he says, “it’s all bad anyway.” But I don’t want to go down that depressing path because it’s NOT all depressing. There are plenty of people doing plenty of good and those are the ones to focus on and feel inspired. And in appropriate LadySmut fashion, why not focus on the do-gooders who are also look-gooders. Why not indeed! So I picked three of them, three hot guys who are even hotter because of the cool things they’re doing for the world.

Nir KalronNir Kalron. Former Israel commando, conservation security expert, protector of elephants, all-around bad ass. Nir founded a security and counter-trafficking firm, Maisha Consulting, that specializes in providing intelligence, surveillance, military and conflict resolution training to countries struggling to get a handle in the war on conservation. And his services are desperately needed. Between 2010 and 2012, 100,000 elephants were slaughtered by zealous ivory poachers in Africa. The poor countries where the elephants roam lack the expertise and training to fight the poachers. That’s where Nir comes in. He and his experts are teachers, translators, providers of intelligence. As he says in a recent Smithsonian article, “If poaching doesn’t get you angry, you’re not made for the mission.” His work has resulted in areas of decimated elephant populations beginning a slow recovery.

James NachtweyJames Nachtwey. Among the most decorated war photographers of his time, Nachtwey has been showing the world the horrors of war since 1976. His work has garnered him numerous awards, including fives times the prestigious Robert Capa Gold Medal for “best published photographic reporting.” If there’s an area of horrific turbulence in the world, Nachtwey and his camera are there capturing images of it. He’s been around the world to places such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, Romania, South Africa, Rwanda, just to name a few. His courage and pictures let us see stark images of war so that we may understand. As Nachtwey states on his website, “I have been a witness and these pictures are my testimony. The events I have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated.” Now in his late ’60s, Nachtwey’s still got it going on.

Chris BrasherDr. Chris Brasher. For nine years the ruggedly handsome Australian surgeon and anesthesiologist practiced his medicine in some of the harshest conditions in the world as a physician with Doctors Without Borders. His work took him to countries all over Africa, including Burundi, Congo, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. He’s worked where there are civil wars and hopelessly ill people, yet he doesn’t give up hope. Instead he just continues to do his best with what he has, even if it means having to drill into a patient’s head to save him without having the proper equipment to do so. He currently practices at the Royal Children’s Hospital back in his native Australia.

What do you think? Anyone you’d add to the list? Feel free to give your humanitarian hottie a shout out in the comments below, where we can all feel good about these do-gooders.










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  • Post authorbarbaramikula

    Thanks for the morning eye candy and the good news! After I saw the carnage in Orlando on my computer the other day (I’m in the country with no tv hence not much bad news), I was shocked and horrified. The world is so full of hate.

    I’ve always had gay guys as friends, and who among us doesn’t have a brother/sister/cousin etc. in that community? I have never been able to understand the hate. No one chooses to be gay, or not to be gay, to be blonde, or to be a redhead, to be chubby or thin. (I have to admit to a certain prejudice against those skinny blonde bitches with the sparkling blue eyes). No one chooses a harder life than they might otherwise have. “Oh, hey, I think I’ll be gay/transexual/transgender. It’s cool.” If as they say, God makes no mistakes, then they are as they were intended to be — it’s simply and act of nature to be accepted abd lived with. Each person has to make the best life possible.

    Since I added a ManLove series to my lineup, I have been even more involved in the dynamics of male/male relationships. So they may be somewhat different than me, there are so many similarities. Love is love, relationships are relationships, and sex is sex (except for a few mechanical differences LOL). Maybe this horrible tragedy will bring that home to more people. – Skye


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