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July 2, 2016

Sexy Saturday Round Up

SSRUHere’s our Saturday links.  Rain, rain, GO AWAY! Well, if you are stuck inside instead of at the beach, here are some entertaining links for our favorite readers.  You know what to do.

From Madeline:

I can’t quit you, Ben. Even though sometimes you’re a snarky ass-hat. 

Cheeky bastards. Hobart nude dash n splash – this is what they do for fun in Australia, now while it’s ‘winter’.

Adjust your attitude.  Via Jane Friedman: How to Create an Internal Mind Set Conductive to Writing.

I have never felt sexual desire. The UK is starting to understand asexuality is a thing.

Ratty undies inspires women’s lingerie yet again! 

Think about wearing your nightgown in public. (This post is from my new Fav Fashion Blog: Man Repeller.) I think this is the perfect solutions for us writers who never change out of our jammies all day anyway. : )

From G.G. Andrew:

17 totally weird things couples do, according to Reddit.

What it’s like for Muslim women to have their periods in Ramadan.

Why Outlander’s author Diana Gabaldon should embrace the romance genre.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Doc are baffled but the verdict is clear: a majority of women prefer to go bare.

Lots and lots of reason to love cock rings – and what to do with it once he has one.

A few quick facts about the vajayjay that everyone should know.

The Game of Thrones effect on porn.

One woman’s solution for how to hide her lover – keep him in the attic of the home she shared with her husband.

They’re baaaaack! Samhain is once again accepting submissions. Yay!











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