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July 17, 2016

Servant of the Undead, erotic zombie horror free read

Isabelle Drake’s Servant of the Undead

If you’re new to this serial, you can start with Part 1, “Do it.”

Part 10: “I’ll follow your rules.”

Hayden set his book bag by his desk and started shrugging out of his coat. Once he had it off, he peeled away his scarf, gloves. Kicked off his boots. Then he tugged his sweater up and off.

Rachelle had rolled onto her side. Her bra twisted, and one of her nipples showed above the lace. When she started to gather the coat to toss it to the floor, he shook his head. “Leave it.”Servant

As she shoved the fur beneath her, he threw his shirt down, kicked off his pants.

Rachelle pulled her knees up, let her legs fall apart, and then closed her knees again. “I stayed around even though you kept fucking me vanilla-style because I just knew you had a dirty side.”

Mattie’s green gaze flashed in his mind, and he remembered the other girl lifting her miniskirt for him, right there in the middle of the library. The tight grip of her slick, wet channel and the way he pumped into her right there on the library table.

“You don’t know the half of it,” he said, his gaze going to the window. The blizzard was still fierce, but thanks to the street lamps, he could see into the swirls of snow. He crossed the room and peered out, looking right, then left, searching until he found her.

Still hunched under the eave, she crept forward, sneered, and then inched forward. Hayden breathed in through his nostrils and let the air out slowly through his mouth. Outside, the thing nodded, assuring him she was going to get what she wanted. Again, she crept closer, smiling in her unsmiling way, as she moved sure and steady like the storm.

Hayden moved away from the window, spinning on his heels so the window was at his back. He could block the creature from his sight, but not from his mind. She was already controlling him in ways he was only beginning to suspect. The image in his mind of what he wanted to do to the girl in his bed was just one of those ways.

Rachelle lay before him, opening and closing her legs, showing off the smooth skin of her inner thighs and the delicate lace covering her pussy. No matter that she was, in truth, a spoiled daddy’s girl, she didn’t deserve this. What he was doing was wrong and he knew it. Yet he wouldn’t stop. Couldn’t stop.

Maybe the effect the creature was having on him could actually be a good thing. Revealing it to Rachelle would show her she needed to leave him, and she would be free of the danger.

“Take off your stockings,” he said, nodding to the black silk skimming her thighs and calves.Part 7

Rachelle was quick to do his bidding, unhooking the garter tabs with an unsuspecting smile. She rolled the right stocking down, shook it with a flick of her wrist tossing it toward him. It landed near at the foot of the bed, a sheer snake stretched across the cream velvet cover. She took off the other in the same way, removed the belt, then dropped back onto her elbows.

Hayden had taken off the rest of his clothes and stood naked, his body tense, his soul clouded. He picked up a stocking, slid it across his palm. “You sure you’re ready for this?” he asked, pulling it taut with his fists.

“Yes Sir.”

“Let’s start with a couple rules.” He set the stocking back down and took a step forward, conscious of his hard dick jutting out in front of him. “I have two.”

“Not three?” She cocked her head and looked sideways at him. “Don’t rules always come in threes?”

“Not from me. I have two.” Hayden came around to the side of the bed. “Do you agree?”

“Aren’t you going to tell me what they are?”

“Nope.” He thrust his hips forward, and the tip of his shaft pressed against her lifted leg. “You agree to follow the rules, then I tell them to you, then we go ahead.”

She pouted, her pink lips forming a soft rounded hole he thought about shoving his cock into. “And if I don’t?” she asked. Already he knew she would obey. It was obvious in the quick rise of her chest and the dark, lust-filled gaze of her eyes. She had no way of knowing he intended to push her far past her limits.

Hayden rocked his hips again, quicker than the first time so she couldn’t miss the incredible stiffness. “You’re going to agree to whatever I say. We both know it. But I want to hear you say it.”

“I’ll follow your rules,” she said.


Want more? The next part will be here next Sunday. Or, you can come over to the Servant of the Undead Wattpad page and read more for free right now. Unfamiliar with Wattpad? It’s an online community for readers and writers. Its filled with free fiction of all kinds. It’s easy to log in and get started; you can use your Facebook account.

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Isabelle Drake writes erotica, erotic romance, urban fantasy, and young adult thrillers. Best Friends Never, her newest release is the first in the Cherry Grove dark YA series.

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