July 26, 2016

Ladies, Are You Unbound?

Want one? Click to buy.
Want one? Click to buy.

By Alexa Day

You know what? I love treating myself to stuff. I’ve been good. Or good enough. It’s hard and hot out there, and not in a sexy way. I deserve a little something.

Unbound found me in this state of mind. Unbound is a company based in New York City and dedicated to connecting women to fabulous erotic toys and accessories without forcing them to go to a store to shop for them. I’m at some distance from New York City, but I can definitely understand the mission. In the South, the nicer stores have short shelf lives, and the live shopping experience is … well … often less than desirable.

Unbound hooked me up with their Delta box, a glossy black package tied up with a fancy ribbon, a naughty little goody box that I received in exchange for a review. There seems to be a subscription box for everything now, from cat treats to packaged snacks. But a package filled with sexy fun for just us girls is an idea whose time has come. Unbound satisfies that need quite nicely.

Let’s start with the main event. The Delta box has a JimmyJane Intro 2 vibrator. Batteries included. So you can get down while you’re still going through the box.

The Intro 2 is about the size of my hand, a black silicone pod with two prongs like bunny ears. It’s super quiet — I can barely hear it across the room — and it’s waterproof. And it’s intense. Like hold-on-to-your-dentalwork intense, even at the lowest setting.

Is it possible for a vibrator to be too intense? I can’t answer that question for you.

What can you do with a vibrator that’s too intense? That I can help you with.

I’ll suggest two things. First, there’s aftercare and foreplay, both of which present lovely opportunities to melt those knots in one’s shoulders and kinks in one’s neck. I’ve had a tough couple of weeks, marked by cross-country air travel, inadequate sleep, and people intent on trying my patience. My shoulders needed intense vibration.

You might also think of your partner. If he’s even a little ticklish, you could absolutely torture him with this small but mighty vibe. The bunny ears deliver pinpoint stimulation, and you’ll get impressive results on all your favorite sweet spots. You might consider restraining him in some way first. He’ll thank you later.

It also bears mentioning that the Intro 2 doesn’t have the phallic shape that screams ‘sex toy.’ Once it’s activated, it will probably proclaim its purpose to the world, but if you’re in a situation that might expose your vibrator (again, thinking of air travel), the Intro 2 won’t raise as many nosy eyebrows, especially if you remove the batteries.

Next up is a little bottle of gel. It says it’s ginger lychee flavored, which made me smile. Ever seen a lychee? A most appropriate choice for this stuff.

The pleasure gel is supposed to increase sensation and libido, and I can certainly see how it might pair with the Intro 2 to intensify the results you’re getting there. The Intro’s bunny ears slide over the skin once it’s slick, which will be useful when it’s time to approach your bound, ticklish partner.

The vibrator and gel might be the centerpieces of the box, but I actually enjoyed the other items the most. Don’t you love when this happens, and the little things steal the show?

The box includes a drawstring bag made of easily washable cotton, featuring a quote from Mae West: “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” The bag is just the right size for your new friend, the Intro 2, that bottle of gel, a pair of handcuffs, and a blindfold. (I threw in the handcuffs and blindfold from my own stash. You know how product testing works.) The pouch is a subtle cream color with black print. It’s not here to make a splash — that vibrator will do the job quite nicely — but it’s a way to hide your little secrets in plain sight at the bedside. I just think that’s thoughtful.

I’m so old school, so delightfully vintage, that when I read the word “pasties” on the card describing the Delta box’s contents, my mind went right to tassels. Very cool, I thought. That’s how I roll.

That’s not what Unbound has in mind. The pasties in the box are little starbursts of rhinestones designed to surround the nipple. They attach to the skin with an adhesive, and they are pure fun. A bra would hide them completely … so hang on to them for a night you won’t be wearing one so much.

(Just as an aside, you can absolutely get a pair of tasseled pasties from Unbound, too.)

Now we come to my favorite item. It’s a body chain. I’d never heard of a body chain before this box, I’m ashamed to say, and I would never have thought of getting one for myself. But I dig it.

Getting into the body chain is no mean feat. Like any necklace, it has a way of tangling up when it’s not actually being worn. But once I figured it out — the closed loop goes over your head and drapes down to another chain, which fastens around the waist — I fell in love with it.

The body chain is a fantastic addition to a girl’s summer wardrobe. It adds a little exotic pop to the skimpy sundress or bathing suit. You could probably tuck it beneath a more responsible blouse and let it peek out from a plunging neckline in the evening. Or during the daytime, if that’s the sort of place you work.

But I love the way it feels. The slender chain slides over the skin as you move through the day. The gentle tug around the chest and belly reminds you that it’s on. The subtle sensation of movement is surprisingly sensual, and if you’re wearing it under your clothes, it’s your little secret.

Oh, yes. The body chain is a definite win.

There’s even more good news.

The Delta box is available on Unbound’s website. It’s also part of a subscription. Every quarter, Unbound sends subscribers a box of naughty goodies carefully curated for the quarter’s theme. Other boxes have included some high-quality stuff — hell, this box’s JimmyJane is worth the price of admission all by itself — so I’m all curious now to see what’s next.

Are you?

For a 30% discount on the Delta box, hit up the Unbound folks right now for a subscription with this discount code: SLUTIST30. I know. I know. I have chosen to pronounce it with a long ‘u,’ so that it rhymes with ‘flute,’ but I know.

And make sure you’re following Lady Smut.

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  • Post authorMischa Eliot

    Excuse me, but am I supposed to get hot and bothered from a review because I believe that’s exactly what just happened. Thank you for that… 😉

    Reply to Mischa Eliot
    • Post authorAlexa Day

      Whoo hoo! Mission accomplished. 🙂

      Reply to Alexa Day
  • Post authormadeline iva

    I want the ginger-lychee gel. I waaaaaant it. When we got the box I looked through it, and then passed it on to Alexa, and I’ve been oh so curious about the ginger-lychee gel ever since.

    Reply to madeline iva
    • Post authorAlexa Day

      Dude, yes. I think the taste varies depending on the concentration of it — I mean, it tastes different depending on how much is in any given spot at any given time. Most intriguing.

      Reply to Alexa Day
  • Post authorElizabeth SaFleur

    What an inspiring post! He-he. Now I want to try that ginger-lychee gel, too. Is it edible? And I don’t know why, but a thought arose that Unbound is kinda like Bark Box for adults. Not a bad thing….

    Reply to Elizabeth SaFleur
    • Post authorAlexa Day

      Lol. I have eaten rather a lot of the ginger-lychee gel with no ill effects. 🙂

      Reply to Alexa Day
  • Post authormadeline iva

    I’m interested in seeing if they have a box with handcuffs and blindfold–like Alexa mentioned her adding from her own stash. I know they’ve sometimes included books/anthologies — like The Big Book of Submission that Rachel edited.

    Meanwhile, the idea of a hot beefcake ticklish guy handcuffed to a bed with a jimmy john is quite…hmmm…yeah…gracious!

    Reply to madeline iva
    • Post authorAlexa Day

      Yeah, the ex-Army Ranger from the last story was ticklish. His Domme heroine didn’t have enough word count to make hay of it then, but I might get to fix that for them soon. 🙂

      Reply to Alexa Day
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