Sexy Saturday Round Up

30 Jul

SSRUWe’re baaaaaack! Sexy Saturday Round Up has finished it’s summer vaca, and returned to provide you with information, titillation, and provocation.

Hope you’re finding a way to stay cool under the thunderdome heat dome this weekend.  If nothing else, check out this week’s links and take a cold shower afterwards. ; >

From Madeline:

The three steps of self-deception

It’s not what you say—it’s how you say it. An algorythim of vocal tones predicts relationship trouble.

We’ve entered the age of the anti-heroine—Huzzah!

From the BBC: The enduring enigma of female desire.

1000 alumni put the hurt on Phillips Exeter.

The follies of speed swiping on Tinder.

Why are plus-size models shut out of make-up ads?

No, cryogenics cannot cure your wrinkles.

Reader, I tweeted him. Woman tweets bookstore about books, woman finds true love.

Why isn’t Amy Winehouse commonly known as a bulimic and why isn’t her eating disorder recognized as playing a pivotal role in her tragic death?

From Elizabeth SaFleur:

One (whacky) man’s quest to create a million dollar vibrator.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Five misconceptions about pansexuality (and the definition itself, if you don’t know what it is).

Love thyelf. The health benefits of masturbation.

The Bloggess Jenny Lawson tells a story about how singing in her car created peace and harmony with a fellow driver.

Does it work? Who knows. But this website claims it can help you get a raise.

Stop the shaming! How to fight for your right to eat bananas in public.

We’re on Olympics countdown, y’all. Only a few more days until opening ceremony for the big games, but don’t panic. Just use this quick Olympics cheat sheet for everything you need to know.




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