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July 31, 2016

Servant of the Undead, erotic zombie horror free read

Isabelle Drake’s Servant of the Undead

If you’re new to this serial, you can start with Part 1, “Do it.”

Part 12: “You have to earn it.”

A gust of wind howled past the window, rattling the pane. Hayden looked. Outside, in the night, white flakes circled and spun. He shifted, twisting to see farther. Even though he couldn’t see her, not even the white flash of her cold fingers, he knew she was there. He knew because he felt her inside him.

ServantHayden turned back to the bed. The bursts of snow were so dense that the light from the street reflected off the flakes, casting shadows across Rachelle’s body. The slick lips of her pussy glimmered in the pale sheen. He caressed her stomach then put one palm on each thigh and made circles with his thumbs. It was a small touch, but she responded, dropping her knees lower. She wanted to say something, the question lingered in her gaze, but she didn’t speak.

“Good girl,” he said. “I’m glad you’re following the rules.”

The curve of her mouth softened and her lips parted as she lifted her head to look at his rock-hard cock.

Hayden thrust his hips forward and let the tip of his dick brush across her wet pussy. “I know what you need, but you’re only going to get it when I’m ready to give it to you.” He rocked again, hard enough so his cock pushed between her slick lips. She squirmed and tugged on the ties holding her arms. “And you have to earn it.”

He tilted his head toward the end of the bed. “Straighten yourself out.” She followed his request instantly, sliding herself as best she could so that her body was long and flat. Once she was as straight as she could get, Hayden swung around so that he was facing the window and his back was to the headboard. He rose up and scooted back. As he worked himself over Rachelle’s bound breasts, his cock brushed against one of her tight mounds. His balls rubbed across the stockings. Inch by inch he worked his way back. Once his ball sac was just above Rachelle’s open mouth, he settled himself.

He stiffened, pausing to feel the caress of her breath across his tight skin. Each whisper of air came faster and harder than the one before. Hayden spread his arms as wide as he could and took hold of the headboard. He wanted to look at the ceiling, to avoid the call of the thing in the snow, but he couldn’t.

This time when he looked outside, she was there, staring back at him through the single pane of glass. The weight of her gaze pressed across his entire body. His muscles tensed. He gripped the wood tighter, feeling the muscles in his arms and shoulders flex. The tension worked its way lower, each inch of his body turning hot and hard beneath the thick weight of her gaze.

She wanted a show.

“Lick me,” he said to Rachelle. There was huskiness in his voice that not even he recognized.

She started to take his balls into her mouth. He lifted up. “No. Lick me.”

He lowered. She complied, stretching her tongue up as far as it would go.

Hayden kept his gaze forward, refusing to admit to himself that he was afraid.

Beneath him, Rachelle continued licking his balls, her tongue working across his skin with steady and firm strokes. “That’s right. Just like that.”

Outside, Mattie moved closer to the glass, her face near enough that Hayden could see more than the cold hunger in her eyes. He saw things he never expected. Longing. Vulnerability.

While Rachelle continued licking all she could reach, Hayden’s gaze stayed connected with the thing on the ledge. Mattie lifted her hand and laid her palm across the glass. She leaned forward, almost pressing her nose to the pane. A shiver of pity flashed through Hayden.

Beneath him, Rachelle moaned, and Hayden pulled his gaze away from the creature outside to the woman below. To make Rachelle safe, he had to push harder to get her to see, to feel, the threat of danger.

FullSizeRender (19)“That’s enough licking,” he said.

She stopped the motion of her mouth, but her body shifted, the strain of lust pulling her body taut. Ready.

Hayden avoided looking outside by turning his gaze to the ceiling. A lattice pattern made by the shadows of the street lamps glided across the surface, hanging above the bed like a cage.

“Take my whole cock in your mouth and suck until I come.”

Immediately, she opened her mouth.

Hayden let go the headboard and dropped down onto all fours so that his hard cock was just above her mouth and his face was above her pussy. “You can start now,” he said harshly as he bent this elbows and lowered himself. “Put your head back. I want to make sure you can take all of me.”

She followed his instruction, positioning her head so that her wide-open mouth was directly below his jutting shaft. He lowered his hips just far enough to dip the tip of his dick into her mouth. He lifted it out. “That’s right.” He slid his tongue between her slick nether lips, then straightened his arms, lifting himself so that he hovered above her. “If you do a good job, I’ll eat your pussy.”

Rachelle started to speak, but he cut her off. “Remember the rules.”


Want more? The next part will be here next Sunday. Or, you can come over to the Servant of the Undead Wattpad page and read more for free right now. Unfamiliar with Wattpad? It’s an online community for readers and writers. Its filled with free fiction of all kinds. It’s easy to log in and get started; you can use your Facebook account.

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Isabelle Drake writes erotica, erotic romance, urban fantasy, and young adult thrillers. Best Friends Never, her newest release is the first in the Cherry Grove dark YA series.

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