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August 14, 2016

Servant of the Undead, erotic zombie horror free read

Isabelle Drake’s Servant of the Undead

If you’re new to this serial, you can start with Part 1, “Do it.”

Part 14: “That what you had in mind?”

Hayden’s cock twitched, and the first spurt of his hot cum rolled down the back of Rachelle’s throat. She kept him in, widening even more, letting him fuck her mouth as hard and fast as he could. Somehow, he managed to keep his mouth on her pussy, zeroing in on her clit. Her release came with a hard tremor, making her legs tense and her back lift off the bed. He thrust and jerked. She stilled and gave her body over to him. They melted together, becoming one explosion of sex.

ServantEven after the tremors faded, he lay across her, she licking his dick and he licking her pussy. The small, tender flicks of her tongue started to bring blood back into his shaft. She licked him several more times then pulled away. His dick still ached for attention.

“Can I talk now?” she asked, putting a crack in the brutal, sensual spell.

Hayden gave her thigh one last lick then rolled off her. He raised himself up and twisted to see her face. Her eyes were half-closed and her mouth glistened. “What?”

“I’m not sure that counts as fucking.”

Hayden spun all the way around and crawled forward so his face was just above hers. “You don’t feel…what?”

“I felt it. It’s just that, well,” she lifted her body and nudged his dick with her hip, “I noticed you’re still a bit stiff, and it would be a shame to waste that ready cock.”

Despite the mind-blowing orgasm, his dick was getting hard again and the need to fuck still pulsed through his veins. He ached for release with an angry, unnatural desperation and there was only one way to get it. He rubbed himself against Rachelle and as she purred a pang of guilt vibrated through him. What he’d just done to her was dishonest. He’d used her and he was about to use her again. How many more times after that? Hayden untied her wrists, slid his hands beneath her, then spun her so she was diagonal across the bed. This time he would have to be just short of cruel.d40574bec76925c961a59063b71e087f

Once she was settled, he worked his way down her body, providing a show for the creature outside, running a row of kisses from behind Rachelle’s neck to between her breasts. The stockings had held and her tits were high and tight. He pulled one hard tip into his mouth, grabbed the other with his hand and pinched the nipple. She rolled her shoulders and spread her legs. He positioned his shaft between her wet pussy lips. She was so slick, so ready for him. His cock was hard, his entire body stiff and tense. With one solid thrust, he filled her tight channel then paused, taking the time to feel her tightness squeezing his shaft.

He whispered into her ear. “That what you had in mind?”

She moaned. “Fuck me, Hayden.” She lifted her hips, shifted her legs to spread them even wider, and grabbed his shoulders. Squeezing her fingers deep into his muscles, she groaned. “Now. Do it.”


Want more? The next part will be here next Sunday. Or, you can come over to the Servant of the Undead Wattpad page and read more for free right now. Unfamiliar with Wattpad? It’s an online community for readers and writers. Its filled with free fiction of all kinds. It’s easy to log in and get started; you can use your Facebook account.

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Isabelle Drake writes erotica, erotic romance, urban fantasy, and young adult thrillers. Best Friends Never, her newest release is the first in the Cherry Grove dark YA series.

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  • Post authorHotBottoms

    Love this! Very well done. I’m going back to the beginning…

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    • Post authorIsabelle Drake

      Thank you!! There’s even more on Wattpad, so you can head over there too.

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