Sexy Saturday Round Up

SSRUSummer’s almost over! Time to revel in your lazy weekend fun (while you can) before the hustle and bustle of fall arrives.  To help you with that project, we’ve got some handy-dandy links to savor, snort at, and suck down like a minty mojito.  Enjoy!

From Madeline:

Some say porn is good for you.  Others say porn is destroying young men’s sexual health.

Reductress has had enough with men making jokes about rape.  Devotes website to making jokes about stupid men’s attitudes towards rape.

Margaret Fountaine: Victorian adventurer, butterfly collector, and collector of young male lovers.

Romance novellas from Nigerian women are challenging traditions.

When good intentions go wrong: A writer expresses her pain after trying to write POC protagonists and disappointing black critics.

Why we gasp and moan.

One woman aims for vindication against a crotch grabber.

From Smart Bitches Trashy Books: How Movie Beta Males Won Her Heart

From Women’s Health, Australia: This survey reveals the type of women men find most attractive.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Hankerin’ to be humiliated? Tips for talking to your partner.

If you’re college-bound kid is feeling homesick, help her out with a candle that smells like her home state.

Some interesting stats on glasses porn.

It’s not just for the ladies! One man waxes poetic about his experience getting a “boyzilian.”

Talkin’ dirty. 15 erotic fiction quotes that are sure to get your motor revved.

Why some people are better suited than others for consensual nonmonogamy.









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