Sexy Saturday Round Up

1 SSRUStop slogging right now–and celebrate your glorious Labor Day Weekend with Sexy Saturday Round Up!

From Madeline:

The tyranny of hugging.

China’s Kick Ass Female Emperor – a secret history

New Millennial True Confessions: She wanted her boyfriend to sleep with someone else, cause it turned her on.

Handsome weeping boys are a new thing in Japan.

From the Ass-Hattery files: Don’t wear that ginormic engagement ring if you want the job.


Cocks not glocks:

Nope! Actor bows out of playing super-hero after seeing Chris Hemsworth at screen test:

From Heroes & Heartbreakers: Snape Lust–10 reasons Snape is the hottest Harry Potter character of all.

Woman spends time with her new crystal dildo

Who sexts and what it’s sez about you and your relationship.


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