September 10, 2016

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Okay Fall — anytime you want to wrap us up in your pretty colored leaves and let the temperatures dip, we’re completely ready! Waiting to bust our your sweaters and scarves? While you’re waiting, we’ve got some fun for you. Expand your mind this week 1 SSRUwith groovy news about all the smexy.  Enjoy….

From Madeline:

Wanna go to Kink Camp? Here’s a audio story about a guy who went….and here’s the rest of his story.

Want the dress, the cake, the limo–but not the guy/gal? Alas, marrying oneself is now actually a thing.

Why do we do stupid things? And why do we do most of them in Vegas?

World War II pilot Elaine Harmon breaks one last barrier at Arlington National Cemetery. (Sniff!)

How one cop tracked down her former abuser and got him to confess on tape.

Tim Gunn cries disgrace! Calls designers out for not making clothes that fit American women.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Want to participate in a sex study? Researchers are looking for you.

WikiHow really does teach you anything, including the best way to do your Kegel exerises.

Guy, are you jonesing for some awesome Skype sex? BroBible offers you tips for how to do it.

And let’s not forget the ladies! Cosmo offers its own set of tips for the gals to try.

Here it is, guys, your new favorite sex toy. Hint, it involves cashmere.









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