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September 14, 2016

Steamy Excerpt

The end of an awful marriage might be the beginning of something smoking hot. Click to buy.
The end of an awful marriage might be the beginning of something smoking hot. Click to buy.

By Elizabeth Shore

Hello Sexies! I can’t be with you today but would never dream of leaving you high and dry, so please enjoy – any way you wish (!) – the following sizzlin’ scene from my latest historical release, Desire Rising. See you again soon! xo

She recalled what Budding had said. Must have been hell—pure hell. Her eyes welled with sympathy. She didn’t know what tortured Miles, but the reasons didn’t matter. Whatever they were, she understood his pain.

He looked over, meeting her gaze, and took in a breath. “You may be wondering—”

“No, Miles.” She shook her head. “What you choose to share with me about yourself—or not share— will be your decision alone and done in your own time. Until then, you need not say a thing.”

He cleared his throat and she noticed his hands ball into fists. “’Tis difficult to find the right words.”

“Which is why you needn’t find them with me.”

He took a step closer, looking into her eyes. “You are an uncommon woman, Catherine Sheffield.”


He smiled. “And quite agreeable.”

“When it suits me.”

Miles leaned into his right arm, resting against the tree. His despair of moments ago faded, leaving in its wake the spark of desire. He lifted his left hand and trailed his fingers across her cheek.

“And does this suit you?”

He bent closer so they were inches apart, the warm exhalations of his breath gliding across her face. With his forefinger he caressed her top lip and then bottom, circling her mouth with a touch as light as air. He inserted just the tip of his finger into her mouth, sweeping it across her tongue, then withdrawing it to paint the moisture across her bottom lip.

“It does.” Her response was little more than a whisper. The excited beats of her pulse trembled like leaves stirred by the wind.

“How about this?” he asked, his hand straying downward to trace light, sensual patterns along her throat. When he reached the indentation at the base of her neck he paused, stroking her collarbone. Then he dipped lower, teasing the swell of her bosom before sliding his palm over her left breast, caressing it through the fabric of her dress.

Her nipple puckered in response to his touch. Slow, delicious pulses throbbed low in her groin. Her eyes drifted closed, lost in a carnal haze.

“Look at me.” He lightly pinched her nipple. “I want to watch you get aroused.”

“How do you know I will?” she challenged, though the breathiness of her reply betrayed her bravado.

“Trust me, you will.” The flat of his hand glided over her belly, drawing ever closer to the apex of her legs. “I’m about to make it so. You shall feel my touch all over your body, and I shall hear you moan.”

Although the park was empty of visitors, Miles stepped even closer to Catherine to ensure his body shielded hers. Then with one hand he lifted her skirt and chemise while he slid the other beneath the silk material to caress her thighs. Where his fingertips stroked, a line of fire sizzled along her skin.

Her breath whooshed from her lungs. Her heartbeat soared. Miles’ hand roamed upward from her thigh to cup her mons then he brazenly slid a finger through the soaking folds of her pussy and lightly stroked her throbbing clit.
She gasped, shocked yet thrilled at his daring.

Taking her cue from his boldness, she spread her legs farther apart, needing more of his skilled caresses to soothe her burning ache. He smiled as though she’d given him a reward and continued his assault. Her blood roared in her ears, skin burning from Miles’ attention.

Her breaths came hot and quick.

“Let go, Catherine,” he whispered, increasing the pressure of his hand. “Let me see your desire. I would know how far I can take you.”

It was as though he were testing her, seeing if he could expose her limitations. She rose to the challenge and nodded. “If you dare.”

“Oh,” he growled beneath his breath. “I dare.”

In the back of her mind she knew the risk they took, sharing passion outdoors in which any given moment might expose them to prying eyes. But it was an experience she’d never had, and the danger added an element of sensuality far too delicious to resist. She rested against the tree and ever so slightly arched her back to meet the pressure of Miles’ hand. She lifted her arm and placed it around his neck.

To her surprise, he shook his head and withdrew his hand from beneath her skirt. Reaching behind his head, he unwound her arm and settled it by her side. “Not this time,” he said.

“Now is for you alone. I can touch you, but you must not touch me.”


“If you can stand it.” His eyes gleamed as he teased, provoking her in a way she’d never known.

With the tip of his tongue he licked her lips, holding off on fully kissing her. Instead, he tugged at the silk scarf loosely tied about her neck, easily removing the fabric and exposing the swell of her breasts above the gown’s plunging neckline. Then he lightly pulled down on the gown enough to be able to dip his hand beneath the neckline and withdraw her bare breast.

Catherine hissed in a sharp breath of air from the searing heat of Miles’ touch. Her nipple hardened like the pit of a cherry as he rolled it between his fingers. She longed to wrap her arms around him, drawing him into her embrace, and his refusal to allow her to do so heightened her arousal until just as promised, she moaned aloud.

She cast her gaze downward between their bodies. The bulge of Miles’ cock thrust against his breeches. Beads of sweat clung to his temples and she knew he burned for release. But his satisfaction this time seemed to be from pleasuring her and she accepted his wish. Next time she would be the one giving pleasure.

He bent down to dot kisses along her neckline and the swell of her breast. Flames of desire consumed her. “Oooh!”

He looked up, eyes glittering. “Shall I stop?”


“As you wish.” A faint smile touched his lips before he resumed his work.
With excruciating slowness, his tongue painted a scorching wet trail around her breast. Blood roared in her ears and her heart pounded so fiercely she wondered if Miles could feel the thumping beneath his lips. It mattered not. Her head swam from his sensual assault. He teased her to the brink of madness, flicking at her nipple with his tongue but not sucking it.

“Please,” she begged, her voice like a whimper.

He lifted his head. “Patience, Miss Sheffield.”

“It’s gone missing.” She thrust her chest forward, demanding attention, but still he held off. Catherine thought she would go mad from Miles’ torment, frustration mounting by not being allowed to touch him.

Around and around he kissed until, at last, he took her hardened nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue over the sensitized skin, grazing it ever so lightly with his teeth. Her hands gripped the rough bark of the tree she leaned against while Miles’ tortuous expertise with his lips and tongue shot fire to her throbbing core. Moisture trickled down her thighs as her hips swayed.

Release danced within her grasp as Miles continued to suck her sensitive nipples. Yet she craved more, just a little. Her eyes closed as she panted with unfulfilled need. If only he would lift her skirts once again…

A warm breeze fluttered loose strands of her hair, a brief reminder of their outdoor locale. Yet with Miles standing directly before her, his large muscular frame serving as shield from prying eyes, they were cloaked in relative secrecy. Even so, Catherine gave thanks for the isolation in that area of the park.

She allowed her head to fall back against the tree, indulging in Miles’ caresses as she would a luxurious bath. After a time his kisses once more slid tantalizingly along her throat, then they brushed her cheeks, her forehead, until at last he claimed her lips.

His torrid kiss was like an explosion of fire. Catherine opened her mouth to Miles, returning his kiss with frenzied passion. She dipped her tongue into the hot recesses of his mouth, tasting him, breathing him in as if he’d become a part of her. He groaned low in ecstasy as she pulled away and kissed his throat, licking the heated, salty skin, then returned once more to continue kissing his mouth. Now it was her turn to groan aloud as Miles’ hand crept downward once more to cup between her legs.

She breathed into his mouth as his fingers stroked her sensitive clit through the material of her dress. She wantonly pressed herself against the palm of his hand, already panting from his earlier teases and desperate for release. But Miles held back, pulling away as she strained forward, causing her to nearly cry aloud in frustration while continuing to stoke the fires of her lust.

He gave a swift look around, ensuring they were still alone. Then he bent forward and, using both hands, grasped the voluminous layers of petticoats, chemise, and the gown itself and edged up the skirts, bunching them at her waist. Holding them against her body with his hand, he raised his face so his gaze burned directly into her eyes.

“Wrap your leg around me.”

Her mouth went dry. She licked nervously at her lips, her heart slamming against her ribcage. For one wild moment she wondered if he issued his command in jest, but a single look in his lust-black eyes revealed the truth. He would pleasure here, outdoors, and she would let him.

She lifted her thigh and placed it around his waist.


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