Sexy Saturday Round Up

17 Sep

1-ssruWhat a week it’s been! Are you ready to relax and enjoy your Saturday? I know I am.  Here this week on Sexy Saturday Round Up we’ve got an assortment of fun and fantastic just for you.  Dive in and enjoy. 🙂

From Madeline:

From Heroes & Heartbreakers: The hero stays a virgin – exploring the subversive delight of the untouched hero. Two words: Jamie Fraser.

The Rise of Girl Philosopher & Flapper Super Star: Velva Darling.

By working together, the women in Obama’s Cabinet found a way not to be ignored and skipped over.

Calling all Poldark fans: ever heard of spornography?

Stop the shaming over body hair! 

By Elizabeth Shore

Clearing the confusion over Grayromantics.

Lubes, lubes, everywhere. Check out this “slideshow” (heh) and find your perfect slip-and-slide companion.

Sexworkers tell all! The most wacked, bizarre requests they’ve ever gotten.

Presenting the definitive sex guide app (so says iTunes, anyway) – the Pocket Kamasutra.





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