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October 1, 2016

Sexy Saturday Round Up

1-ssruShow of hands — Who needs a bath, some wine, and some good deep relaxation this weekend?  I do! If you need some help unwinding, here’s a give away just for you LadySmut readers from Unbound.  (Hint: remember that Delta Box we talked about? ; > )

Sink into our relaxing soak of smex-related articles this weekend and enjoy!

From ManRepeller: The awkward infographic

Rise of the muscle bound bodice ripping historical on TV.  We’re looking at you Jamie & Poldark. (Now Jamie and Poldark ripping our bodice off-*there’s* a fantasy!)

From BBC: Black women encouraged through art to talk about mental health

All those in favor of “Unlikeable” women characters — Check out FLEABAG on Amazon.

From Elizabeth SaFleur: The Erotic Vein: The Male Pen

Beauty Meets Your Blender: And all the ways this can go very wrong.

By Elizabeth Shore:

Pole dancing champs say enough with the shaming. Their sport is tough – tough enough to be in the Olympics.

Christian Grey fans, rejoice! While watching the official 50 Shades Darker trailer you can bring out your inner Ana Steele by slipping into your very own 50 Shades lingerie.

The places where guys really want to cum.

Better late than never? 60-year-old mom gives birth to twins.

What? Say it isn’t so! A semen facial is apparently not good for your skin.

New butt plug company hopes to take anal play maintstream.









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