Sexy Saturday Round Up

22 Oct

1-ssruLovely people! Autumn is here! The debates are over! There’s obviously lots to celebrate.  Or maybe you want to take a mellow afternoon to yourself and toodle through some of our interesting, fascinating links below. Enjoy!

UNBOUND GIVEAWAY – less than a week left.

Do you sext? Read this article for the comments. 

One of the oldest sites for sex tourism is in Greece.

Our very own Rachel Kramer Bussel writes on this fascinating topic: Do condoms kill the mood in erotica/erotic romance?

By Elizabeth Shore

So you want to massage his prostrate but don’t know how? NYC Sex Educator Ducky Doolittle gives step-by-step instructions. Try it. He’ll love it.

Some words of advice on having fun with cyber sex.

7 things to know when getting to know your dom.

It’s official. Watching GIFs porn is now a thing.

Writers, start your keyboards. It’s almost NaNoWriMo time.

Halloween’s around the corner. Get inspired with these costume suggestions for badass feminists.

The ultimate in WTF-ery from our friends at Unbound. It’s the Donald Trump merkin.



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    […] banished one of our own Lady Smutters for 24 hours for posting a link on her author page to our Sexy Saturday Round-Up. We don’t know for certain the reason that landed her in Facebook jail. It could be the […]


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