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October 29, 2016

Sexy Saturday Round Up

1-ssruHello my little maple leaves! It’s the weekend (yaaaaaaay!) and we’ve got a ton of snarling, snapping, sexy, links for you today. So settle in with some spiced apple cider (I prefer mine with a lemon peel in it), munch on those fresh cider donuts and enjoy….

From Madeline:

Some Arab men have been getting twisted up in a horrible skype sex scam. To all our Arab male readers: don’t do what this guy did.

Last week we talked about breast shapes and nipples.  This week we note that Jezebel asks: What type of nipple are you? 

It’s baaaaack! Poldark Season 2. Heroes & Heartbreakers will catch you up on the Poldark season 2 opening right up to the next episode where your TV screen will burst into flames: (USE THE PIC)

Romance Novels for Feminists discusses women and anger in romance novels.

Did you know ETSY has gold glitter penis stickers? Well, they DO.

Now let’s explore various kinds of misogyny women leaders roll their eyes at.

Looking for a great movie with twisty sexy gothic suspense? Look no more, my friends.  The Handmaiden is just the movie you’ve been waiting for.

How to make a first move without being a creep or a wimp.

And this goodie: Why Pop Culture Just Can’t Deal with Black Male Sexuality?

Good Witch/Bad Witch Soap.  Dragon’s blood candle.  Sea witch bath soak.  Sounds perfect for a great Halloween weekend doesn’t it? Sign up for Madeline’s News and you’ll be entered in this WICKED INDULGENCE give away. Only 4 days left in this give away.

Deadline is Nov 1st!
Deadline is Nov 1st!

By Elizabeth Shore:

Why it’s a really really bad idea to take a topless selfie while driving.

You had to know this was coming. Searches for clown porn up 213% over the last few weeks.

Wanna alter your brain without the nuisance of illegal drugs? Just try BDSM.

Taking him deep. Here’s how.

Rural Australian veterinarians get bare assed naked to raise issues of depression.


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