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November 19, 2016

Sexy Saturday Round Up

1-ssruThis weekend heralds the last blast of a golden orange tapestry outside my door.  But maybe you feel like fall is done and gone where you are. Maybe you feel like winter is here.

Fear not! Get yourself next to the fireplace and huddle up with something hot to drink. We’re here to broaden your gender horizons with tales of sex, and love, and Beyonce Cyber Feminism!

From Madeline:

Okay, show of hands–who here has a work husband? Turns out a work spouse could make you happier.

The Guy Who Was A Spy…And Loved His Cat

Surprise! I’m a muslim and in a feminist marriage.

I’ve seen articles about professional bridesmaids in the news, but this is a WHOLE OTHER thing going on in China.

See! Women don’t hate nice guys after all.  Altruistic people have more sex.

Beyonce & Cyber Feminism

You know that friend of yours who always drags you into her drama and is a total time suck? She’s your email inbox and the death of your productivity at work.

Queer sex myths debunked.

Like A Virgin: More boys are afraid when it comes to sex & also want to experience love, not just be a stud. 

Body Dysmorphia and how it can really mess a girl up.

When Gustav and Margareta found lurv: Tales of a Swedish King and his relationship with his women.

If you’re ever going to date a guy who treats you like someone worthy of respect, you’re going to have to set about the unpleasant job of alienating the men who don’t. Here’s HOW to quickly get rid of the ass-hats.




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