November 29, 2016

It's So Commercial: A Sexy Little Holiday Gift Guide

He's got one word for you: Teledildonics.
He’s got one word for you: Teledildonics.

By Alexa Day

For a great many people, the holiday shopping season started this past weekend. (For me, it won’t start for another couple of paychecks.) Navigating the warren of discounts and special offers and such is a welcome challenge for me every year. I enjoy finding just the right thing for just the right friend, something that says I’m thinking of her but also recognizes the uniqueness of our bond.

In the spirit of the season, I thought I’d share a gift guide with you. I hope it’ll help you in your search for the present your friend didn’t know she needed in her life.

For your friend, the woman in charge:

This is turning out to be kind of a tough year for women in charge. A lot of the usual suggestions apply, of course. Massages, spa days, various bath bombs and luxuries are always welcome for your friend, who probably needs to relax a little more.

Don't get it twisted. Mr. Expensive Suit is the one on his knees. Click if you're down with that.
Don’t get it twisted. Mr. Expensive Suit is the one on his knees. Click if you’re down with that.

But maybe your friend also needs some reassurance that her natural place is right up on top, if you know what I mean. If that sounds like her, consider getting her a copy of Megan Hart’s Beg for It. It’s a femdom story with a heroine whose dominant desires have taken a back seat over the years to work, parenting, divorce, and life’s other complications — until her favorite boy re-enters her world. Reese is there for a corporate takeover, and Corinne will remind him who’s boss. But the story of their relationship is complex, and both parties will take the reins before you reach The End.

In one of my favorite scenes, Corinne and Reese go shopping for something kinky, and I was immediately reminded of The Stockroom, one of my favorite online BDSM shopping destinations. They’ve got a blog for folks interested in the lifestyle and sexual play. Your friend might be especially interested in this interview with four Dommes. And if you find something for yourself in the expansive product line, well, your friend would be happy for you, right?

For your friend, the techie:

Your techno-inclined friend is just one of a growing population of women learning to code, making inroads in a largely male field, and discovering new ways for women to participate in and benefit from new technology. She’s probably known about teledildonics for a while, and now that virtual reality is getting less virtual all the time, she’s super thrilled about making those two worlds collide.

Teledildonics? It’s a merger of sex with technology. It’s given rise to programmable sex toys, or toys linked with music players, smartphones, and the like. It also includes the devices that enable partners to virtually get it on with each other. Each partner uses a toy that mimics the actions of the other partner.

I’m sure I don’t have to explain why it’s good to have a friend who has the ability to code and a healthy interest in teledildonics. The right gift will go a long way with her.

Click it and check out the gift that really does keep on giving.
Click it and check out the gift that really does keep on giving.

Your brilliant, creative, sex-positive friend might one day make my dream of robot sex a reality, so it’s in our mutual interest to get her something super cool. I present Christine d’Abo’s Batteries Not Required. It’s a science fiction story about a woman whose hard work is rewarded with a sex robot. When trouble strikes, Zoe’s ability to code not only saves the day but leads her to the happiest of endings. After she reads it, sidle up to her and ask, as casually as you can, what the future of teledildonics is looking like. I think that’ll be a joyful conversation for you both.

If you know her like that, take a peek at Kiiroo. Their line of smart toys is quite enticing, and they can be connected with video for a more immersive experience. Honestly, with all that, I would think you would be hard pressed to leave the house. Check it out.

So what do you think? Ready to start shopping? Ready to start dropping some hints? Fantastic. The season of giving shouldn’t exclude you, should it?

Feel free to help your fellow shoppers out with suggestions in the comments. And follow Lady Smut. We know where the good stuff is.

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