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Henry wishes you a happy holiday!

Henry wishes you a happy holiday!

Hello Kittens! Sexy Saturday Round Up is going on Holiday.  We’re off ice-skating, making Christmas cookies, and enjoying the other delights of winter.  We’ll see you back after the New Year, so savor this post. However, if you’re addicted to SSRU and looking for more, try clicking on our Sexy Saturday Round Up category over to your right–that should keep you entertained for a while! :>

From Madeline:

Take a day off from work–while you’re having your period.

Virtual Sex Workers are never off the clock while selling access to their real lives.

From Jezebel: The Bodice Ripper and a short history of where it all began.

Why sex advice in women’s magazines is wrong, wrong, wrong!

Looking for transgender romance recommendations? SBTB has recs in the comment section of this post.



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    December 10, 2016 at 8:03 pm

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    guys! check out the link “Why sex advice in women’s magazines is wrong,” to learn about differences in women’s intimate parts!


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