Sexy Saturday Round-Up

7 Jan

SSRUWe’re baaaaack! Welcome to Sexy Saturday Round Up, home to interesting links that keep you in the know about the latest in all things whack and wonderful relating to sex, love, and gender.  Pop a marshmallow in your hot chocolate, throw that wooly shawl over your shoulders, then sit back and enjoy!

From Madeline:

The question that keeps you up at night: Why don’t men have a penis bone?

I guess everybody hated that movie Office Christmas Party. Well, *i* want to see it! 

Interested in trying that torturous device known as a menstrual cup? Here’s what you need to know.

For all y’all who love historicals — a brief history of the fashion plate

Finally! Science has started taking new approaches to studying how to stop sexual assault by identifying ‘rape-y’ attitudes.

And hey—here’s some more on the penis– cause you can never read too much about penile spines, evolution, and why the male junk is so variable, can you?  Science sez there’s more to genitalia than meets the eye.

A Year’s Worth of Dating Advice for the Modern Geek.

From Thien-Kim: Being the Fat Girl in a Big Fat Asian Family.

From Elizabeth Shore:

How come his c**k has no bone in it? ‘Cause he doesn’t last long enough to need it, that’s why.

It’s here! It’s now! Virtual reality porn.

24 questions to get your texting scorching hot.

Argh! Madeline Iva just wrote about hygge, and now apparently lagom is the hot new Scandinavian trend.

Foreplay food games. Yummy!






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