Crazyhead Is NOT Just Buffy With Demons

26 Jan
Raquel and Amy--ready to bash some demon booty.

Raquel and Amy–ready to bash some demon booty.

by Madeline Iva

CRAZYHEAD meets my important criteria for binge-worthy TV watching:

  • At least one female main character—check
  • Main character who’s POC–check.
  • And this is the key point: the main character/POC character is not just token fodder, nor all plastic-y perfect, but like, ACTUALLY interesting–check
  • Romance*Sex*Attractions of any gender/combo you like–-check.
  • Side characters we enjoy as much if not sometimes a wee bit more than the main characters – the single mum demon, for instance, or Amy’s possessed roommate Suzanne. Check.
  • Has characters who aren’t all physically gym-rat perfect. Since this is British TV—check.
Amy and ever-helpful puppy dog Jake

Amy and ever-helpful puppy dog Jake

The opening is SO good.  Amy and Raquel form a bond when they realize that they both can see demons. Raquel fights demons while Amy, alas, has a possessed roommate. Both have been convinced throughout their lives that they are a bit crazy.  (Later on in the season this vulnerability is exploited–lurv it!)

Okay, so maybe it is Buffy With Demons — but there is So Much Buffy Goodness I don’t care.  Yes, it’s New Adult comedy-horror. Yes, there’s meta-ness.  Yes, it’s tightly scripted with that touch of gloom cause the bad guys are winning, the world is indifferent to or unable to fight horror (and we all know what THAT feels like, don’t we?).  The future is not looking bright.

Watching Jake's character change is half the fun.

Watching Jake’s character change is half the fun.

Also the most savory yummilicious part towards the end involves my favorite suspense/horror plot device: is-he-honestly-into-me-or-does-he-really-want-to-kill-me.  I know, I’m twisted and perverse but I LOVE THIS KIND OF FATAL ATTRACTION DYNAMIC SO HARD.

Amy's roommate Suzanne is possessed, alas. But she still loves cuddles.

Amy’s roommate Suzanne is possessed, alas. But she still loves cuddles.

And! Crazyhead also explores that dynamic of the nice guy (Jake) who likes the girl (in this case, Amy) even though she’s utterly indifferent.  (Perhaps because of his lack of alpha qualities?) Anyway, as the season goes along he becomes ever more helpful as a demon-basher driver and general side-kick.  But you only have to fight demons so long before you start to grow and change as a human being, and watching Jake slowly morph is enjoyable.  Amy can’t help but sit up a little and take notice. (There’s more to it than that but hee-hee-hee I’m not telling!)

Check out Crazyhead on Netflix.

Meanwhile, did any of you out there watch The AO over the holidays? I quit about five or six episodes in cause it was:

  1. not at all what I was expecting
  2. much more serial-killer-y than I ever ever wanted.
  3. taking ***forever*** to get to the point. (Spoiler alert: I’m just sayin’— if you were locked up and in peril, and I had vowed to rescue you, would you want me to take no less than two whole nights to sit and tell my rescue posse all about how your perilous situation before we saddled up for a rescue? I don’t think so. I think you’d want me to get my f**king ass in gear.)

But hey! Sometimes I’m too quick to give up on something – if you liked it, and if it’s worth another shot lemme wanna know.  After all—the first ten minutes of Stranger Things didn’t hook me and I ended up being TOTALLY wrong about that.

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