Valentine’s Day Wisdom From A Cover Model

8 Feb

By Elizabeth Shore

So here we are at the time of year when flower vendors, chocolatiers, and jewelers all lick their chops in anticipation of cash register glory. That’s right, my friends. Love it or hate it, we’re staring down the road of another Valentine’s Day.

For the loveless out there, it can be a bleak day. No special someone to take them out to dinner, bring flowers, or simply tell them how special they are. No one sprinkling rose petals on the bed or shining moonbeams in the eyes. Grim indeed! If you’ve vowed that next Valentine’s Day will not consist of eating Chinese take-out alone while binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, you’re in luck. Romance’s top cover model, Jason Aaron Baca, recently offered his tips to writer Gersh Kuntzman for how to get the girl. If you see a guy putting this sage advice into action, you’ll know he’s trying to make the moves and can respond accordingly.

First thing’s first. Be confident. Jason sure is! On the covers of romance novels, he says, he’s the “ultimate object of desire.” So all he has to do to attract a lady is stay in character. At the gym working those pecs, while grocery shopping to nourish that bod, when flexing hard on the set of a shoot, Jason maintains the cool and confident. You’ve been forewarned. If a guy approaches you with a swagger that would make John Wayne proud, know that he’s just playing it cool and keeping in character.

If this gets your heart thumping and your interest soaring, Jason says we women need to be the ones to initiate contact. You see a guy who looks too cool for school? Go up to him and start asking questions. This will show him he’s caught your eye. However, don’t be put off if he stays guarded, ’cause that’s another of Jason’s tips for getting the girl: don’t reveal too much. See? Because just being around indicates the guy’s interested. In case you didn’t know. That’s why we’ve got to then be the ones who start the conversation. The man’s job is just to “be there” and flex his pecs to show he’s oozing with confidence. Ah, right. That all makes sense.

Another tidbit of Jason Baca wisdom is for the man to play hard to get. So don’t be discouraged! It’s not that “he’s just not that into you,” as Sex in the City would have us believe, but rather, as Jason puts it, “I like to make sure she’s wondering, “What is this guy thinking? I don’t know if he likes me.” How awesome! We can be delightfully confused with mixed messages as to whether he’s really digging us – and playing hard to get –  or hopes we’d just go away – which is why he’s hard to get. Cause he doesn’t want to be gotten. Or something.

I’m pretty sure that the male readers among us are no doubt taking copious notes and preparing their strategy for how to bag a babe. Yet what if the guy doesn’t have 4% body fat and ripped abs that double as a shaving device like Jason does? What’s the average Jason to do? First off, work out a lot. So there’s that. And second, says Jason, simply envision the studly guy you want to be. “Picture yourself moving towards the woman of your dreams and talking to her and asking her out. And then wake up and do it.”

Go get ’em, guys!

Elizabeth Shore writes both contemporary and historical erotic romance. Her newest book is an erotic historical novella, Desire Rising, from The Wild Rose Press. Other releases include Hot Bayou Nights and The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires


2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Wisdom From A Cover Model”

  1. Kel February 8, 2017 at 12:18 pm #

    Awesome. A man giving advice from the “how to be a thirteen-year-old-girl” advice columns. Any woman who thinks a man who ignores her is interested deserves what she gets. Any man who thinks “making a woman wonder” is a good way to show interest deserves to be alone.

    But then, I’m blunt. Like a brick to the face, or like “Nice shot, wanna go get some tea and see if we can make the less blunt people in this game wonder what the heck the innuendo means?”

    Which works surprisingly well, really.


    • Elizabeth Shore February 8, 2017 at 12:44 pm #

      You say it like it is, Kel. Which, apparently, is not among the tips Jason bestows upon the guys. They’ve got to be guarded and feign indifference, see? Works every time. 😉


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