Sexy Saturday Round-Up

18 Feb

f11f687d892c4f39602ecf62b0a9e616Hello! Congratulations on surviving Valentine’s Day.  Here’s your reward — this week’s SSRU.  Now dive into that left over box of chocolates and enjoy.

Woot! Valentina Sampaio is French Vogue’s first trans cover model.

The Left Over Men.

Tom explains that I lurv Taylor Swift T-shirt debacle.

Dakota loves her some sex toys. Mmmm-hmmmm. Dornan still a kill-joy.

Booyah! The list of women making fearless sex comedies grows.

Proxy-what-what? Why is the guy who gets the gal so very attractive to other gals?

Cause the emperor’s court knew how to party! Ancient Chinese dildos and butt plugs discovered in crypts.

Why the grand romantic gesture will never die.

The Billionaire phenomenon: Why today’s hottest romance heroes have ten figures to go with their six packs.

He saved her.  Reader, she married him.

From G.G Andrews:

Finally a dating app that matches people who hate the same things.

From Thien-Kim:

Need some BDSM in your life? Check out these romances hotter than Fifty Shades.

Get ready for all the feels with this KissCam video

Too bad these adult happy meals aren’t available near me.

This takes edible underwear to a whole new, paleo-friendly level

From Elizabeth Shore:

In case you’re wondering what to watch this weekend, how about one of the best (or worst!) orgy scenes of all time?

Intimacy comes in many forms. What dating life is like when you’re celibate.

You had to have known this was coming. The world’s first mobile kissing messenger! Silicon lip sensors, anyone?

High!!!! The cannibis dating app.






4 Responses to “Sexy Saturday Round-Up”

  1. Antonymous February 23, 2017 at 12:21 pm #

    At least, definitely not that alone and in itself (:.


  2. Antonymou February 20, 2017 at 5:25 pm #

    “Proxy-what-what? Why is the guy who gets the gal so very attractive to other gals?” Beware playing too much into that, PUA’s (pickup artists with stratgies and tactic manuals) actually teach that, and they might take this as an admition they are right about women working this way. They have an evo psych explanation for that and for why it works different when it’s a woman. They think it’s hypergamy and seeing the lady’s man as fitter in a self reinforcing cycle.
    I get though you are partially ironic as you don’t value a guy for how popular he is among girls, I assume.


    • Madeline Iva February 21, 2017 at 8:22 am #

      Your warning is apt. But I think there are three different kinds of women we could potentially be talking about here.

      I realize these studies are about the different split-second assumptions woman make—but this can happen for totally different reasons.

      This article reinforced that the man’s companion was “attractive”. I’ve heard before about the same kind of study where they state the guy in the pic is in a relationship with the woman — but in that study it’s not clear that they made the woman particularly attractive. The focus there was on the term “in a relationship.”

      So if we de-emphasize the attractive part, women might assume a guy already in a relationship has a suite of personality skills that are desireable. He probably seems instantly safer than your random male stranger–no matter how attractive the random stranger is. And the guy in the relationship probably seems like he has something to back up his initial looks and vibe or why would she be with him?

      I’m not saying that these assumptions are GOOD or accurate — or safe for women to make either. I’m just saying that in the same way when you see a nice looking woman cooing over a baby she’s holding you probably make a lot of split second assumptions about her too: mom/maternal/caring/responsible…etc.

      And I think I’m coming from that point of view, because I definitely notice how male friends in a relationship drop remarks about their relationship. They may not realize it, but it doesn’t make me see their partner negatively when they say negative things about her, it makes me see *them* more negatively.

      And I see this in other women — who are friends with my Sweetie (doing athletic stuff in a group that I’m not involved in) who are often joyously glowing as they tell me that my Sweetie–and this is the term they almost unanimously use–“absolutely *adores* you.” It certainly makes him more attractive to them–because he seems like a good guy to them.

      PUA’s are a whole other matter — and I agree with you and your caution. In this case the idea is that a woman who sees a guy—and all these other women seem to want him–she starts wanting him too. Is that what you’re talking about? Yeah, I think a lot of romances are based on hypergamy for sure–esp billionaire romances. This is like a whole blog post–very interesting! Thank you for your response…

      I’m never drawn to a man just because he’s with an attractive woman. This is just a study–in real life it’s even more nuanced, because when I meet men who are with women if we’re all friends you see another side of that man — in terms of how he responds to his relationship. It can certainly up the ‘awwwwww he’s such a nice guy’ factor if he says positive things about who he’s with. But if he’s all like, “I did this for her, and I did that for her,” And you get the idea that he’s wanting to be praised for it–ish!


      • Antonymous February 23, 2017 at 12:21 pm #

        Thanks for your reply and nice to see you again.
        If I remember it’s the “social proof”, they call it like this.
        So yeah, the partner might be just another element, but it’s not like they say, he gains points in a market supply offer fashion like “hey he’s very demanded”. Some might be drawn by that, some less. Like the hypergamy is also definitely far from being a rule set in stone just becaues some romances are based on it, in today’s social complexity.
        I also don’t think a single guy, upon talking and discussing more in depth with him, the contact established by a possible compatibility is nowhere near going to be trumped by the possible immediate positive association of the “social proof”.


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