Sexy Saturday Round Up

4 Mar

1-ssruSpring is winding up.  Daffodils are springing open in my yard, people.  In a few short weeks young people will become incapable of rational thought.  Meanwhile, we’ve got some great links for you.  Kick back with a chocolate croissant and soak in the joy that is SSRU.

From Madeline:

The Vaginal Infection that lasted a year.

Knaves, one and all—The King’s Court at Oxford During the Plague Years

Victorian gender before straight and queer.

Remember Hot Mug Shot Guy? His modeling dreams came true and he’s walking the runway…

Rotten Tomatoes list of Top Romantic Movies.  How many have you seen?

From Thien-Kim

Who says sex toys can’t be cute and functional?

Do we really have to measure everything we do, even the speed of his thrusts?

A domme shares how to get your husband to dominate you in the bedroom.

Patrick Stewart tells a hilarious story about his penis. Could he be more adorable?

Sexy black men modeling Calvin Klein underwear? Yes, please.

From Elizabeth Shore

Wearing a virtual condom. 10 rules for safe sexting.

So many dildos, never enough time. Here’s your guide to picking the best one for you.

Newsflash – sex sells! So Playboy’s back to putting naked girls in their mag.

Cue the eeeeew. Camel toe underwear.

And if that doesn’t do it for you, how about a clit pendant?

Fantástico! Sex doll brothel opens in Barcelona.

Working out without underwear – what you need to know.

Have an orgasm from a dating app – before you even meet anyone.




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