Sexy Saturday Round Up

29 Apr

Hello Kittens–The weather is glorious and the Romantic Times Convention is mere days away.  We’re panting with excitement, loaded up with swag to our eyeballs, and ready to let our inner wild child par-tay! Meanwhile, we’ve brought you your weekly dose of SSRU.  Slurp it down like sunshine.  xoxo

From Madeline:

How Mr. Nice Guy gets it wrong sometimes—and how to fix it.

Some snark about the Henrietta Lacks movie staring Oprah: The Immortal Life of White Saviors and Black Stories

True tales from icky real life encounters with a woke misogynist

Uh, you know that guy who’s your friend? Well, here’s what may be motivating his friendship.

C-drama may becoming the new K-drama – check out this review of NIRVANA FIRE from SBTB:

Some women just wanna bone.  And that’s what Craig’s List is for.

By Elizabeth Shore:

Frustrated partner who doesn’t know how to make you squirt? Never fear – an instructional video is here.

A-hole alert. The dangerous trend of “stealthing,” a.k.a. removing a condom during sex without telling.

Here’s something interesting: erotic stories for the well-endowed brain. Welcome to Noveltrove.

Is your revved up libido actually an addiction? How to tell.

The appeal of a dominatrix – as explained by men.


Coming to the RT Booklovers Convention in Atlanta this May? Join the bloggers for a very special reader event – Never Have You Ever, Ever, Ever — and win crowns, toys, books and more. (Ooo, and we’ll have brownies….) Goodybags (with fun stuff!) to first 100 people in line! Wednesday, May 3 at 1:30 p.m. Add this event to your RT Personal Agenda here.

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