Panties Just Get in the Way

2 Jun

Black lace panties

I love shopping for panties.

The semi-annual lingerie sale at Lane Bryant makes my heart go pitter patter. It’s one of those activities that’s fun and practical. Maybe it’s my Asian genes, but it’s hard for me to do something completely frivolous. Efficiency and productivity are highly valued in my family. I’m also one of those people who enjoy grocery shopping. Feel free to roll your eyes.

Back to panties. And I do mean panties–not underwear. The word underwear is so utilitarian, so boring.  Colorful panties with lace, satin bows, and peek-a-boo cut-outs. They’re practical– because, it’s underwear–but allows me to indulge in my feminine side at the same time. I don’t care that they’re hidden underneath my mom uniform of t-shirt and jeans.

I’m a firm believer in wearing something because it makes me feel good. The fact that my husband appreciates it is lagniappe.  (That’s Cajun French for bonus.) All that silky satin and floral lace makes me happy. Maybe not the tiny bows, though. They seem to be attached to random places. But, I digress.

Panties Removal in Romances

String bikini

Due to my appreciation of panties, I pay special attention to how romances handle their, ah, relocation. When the main characters are getting hot and heavy, panties are in the freaking way. Just like real life. That lycra and lace number is the gatekeeper to the heroine’s glorious clitoris. 

Clit action is a must for the Big O. So what should our horny hero do with our heroine’s sexy thong? I posed this question to my fellow romance authors. In their books, the most common ways heroes have gotten around his lady’s panties are:

  • Panties are ripped or torn off
  • Panties are pulled to the side without removing them
  • Panties are completely removed (the regular way)

The general consensus was that we preferred just taking off the panties in real life. However,  the first two methods can be super sexy during the right moment–in fiction. Romance book sex is supposed to be fantasy. Who cares if the hero rips off your La Perla lace boyshorts? Or do you?

Hot or Not? Panty Removal in Action

Let’s look at some examples for a game of Hot or Not?  Now we know what my author friends think,  I want to know how you, the reader, feel about panty relocation in romance books.  I’ll share examples of panty removal in romances, and you tell me if it works for you.

In urban fantasy The Unlikeable Demon Hunter by Deborah Wilde, the Rohan’s magic power are blades that extend from his body. They come in very handy:

A whisper of wind hit high on my thigh as my bikini briefs floated to the ground in a scrap of lace. Fuck me, he’d cut them off with one of his finger blades. My knees wobbled. Cool air cascaded over my very flushed nether regions.

Recap: Hero can magically cut off underwear with blades that come out of his fingers. Hot or not?

In Make Me Beg by Rebecca Brooks, Connor can’t wait to dive into his lady:

He pushed her back so she was propped on her elbows, and then he brought his mouth down, biting through the lace. Teasing her, torturing her. Announcing that no matter what happened, he wasn’t at her command.

But it must have been torture for him, too, because he grabbed her panties roughly and twisted them to the side as though he couldn’t keep delaying what he wanted. He slid a finger not quite inside her but just enough to make her squirm. More. She had to have more.

Recap: A man with a talented tongue twists panties aside for faster access. Hot or not?

Alpha Bennett from Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Bastard knows exactly what he wants:

“Fuck,” he growled quietly. “You’re wet.” His eyes fell closed and he seemed to be waging the same internal battle I was. I glanced down at his lap and could see him straining against the smooth fabric of his pants. Without opening his eyes, he withdrew his finger and fisted the thin lace of my panties in his hand. He was shaking as he looked up at me, fury clear in his expression. In one quick movement he tore them off, the rip of the fabric echoing in the silence.

Recap: Bennett likes to rip off clothes, blouses and panties. Hot or not?

I personally think all of three are hot. It all depends on the mood and moment.

But this isn’t about what I think. What are your thoughts about how panties are relocated in romances?

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3 Responses to “Panties Just Get in the Way”

  1. Headphones (@ransan82) June 15, 2017 at 7:26 pm #

    I think I have to go with the Brooks version– if they’re in the way, push them aside!


  2. Madeline Iva June 8, 2017 at 8:38 am #

    I admit I love every little scrap of lingerie mayhem in BEAUTIFUL BASTARD. Is it realistic? I do not have a wonderful collection of Perla undies with which to see — but I hear it’s not…
    Don’t care! Still love it! ;p


  3. Merry S. June 2, 2017 at 6:05 pm #

    I think the excerpt from Make Me Beg is the *hottest* and makes the most sense. ❤ Convenient finger blades? Panties ripped with bare hands? Unless the panties are designed to be ripped, regular people can't rip panty material.

    Liked by 1 person

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