Sexy Saturday Round Up

17 Jun

By Elizabeth Shore

Hey, Sexy Readers! We’re halfway through the lovely month of June – Pride month, Rose month, African-American music appreciation month, and dairy month. To top it off, next week it’s officially summer! So as we streak toward the halfway point of the year, celebrate June by grabbing a pint of rocky road, chilling out to some Coltrane, and diving into the array of fun links we prowled through the web to find for you this week. Oh, and don’t forget to give dad a great big Dad’s Day hug.

Where do old toilets go to die? Why, New York City, of course – reincarnated to an oyster reef.

And the #1 key to selling more books is…

Seeing a new guy? Want to have sex with him? 4 questions to ask yourself before sharing your goods.

Do you have rhythm? Tap to the beat on this website and it’ll let you know – and even give you a score. Weirdly addictive…

Think you know what turns him on? Think again.

Why you must see the baddest badass female to grace the silver screen – Wonder Woman.

People searching for lesbian porn often have a hard time spelling it.

Searching for that most blissful of orgasms – the “blended” kind? Hand him this cheat sheet and he’ll get you to the promised land.

10 tips for first-timers having girl-on-girl sex. Tip: cut your nails!

Original and a bit wacky but a lot of fun Father’s Day gifts.

Dairy month definitely means ice cream. Go homemade with these 40+ super easy recipes.

Talking sex robots with heated genitals are about to become a thing.

Give him a Father’s Day gift for the ages – a blow job that’ll blow his mind. Here’s how.










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