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July 1, 2017

Sexy Saturday Round up

Happy Fourth of July Weekend everybody!

Here’s a your SSRU round up to slurp while Tatum and I go kayaking…

from Bustle: 7 Erotica sites to keep you happy this weekend.

Are you a fapstranaught? I didn’t think so.

For that special ass-hat in your life: ship-a-dick.

China has a mistress problem.  Cue the Mistress-Dispellers!

Islam’s forgotten scholars: many of which were women.

Dating a friend: 5 couples who went from friends to ‘more’. 

I think my boyfriend is slut-shaming me.  What to do?

Not much to do this holiday weekend? Don’t forget we have a Sexy Saturday Round-Up category at LadySmut with over 100 posts.  Wallow to your heart’s content with more SSRU links!


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