Sexy Saturday Round Up

8 Jul

Hey sun-lovers! We’ve got some hot stuff for you this week.  Grab that cold drink and get ready to burn up your computer with some fascinating, sexy links. 🙂

From Madeline:

Older dads breed geekier boys–but is it nature or nurture?

What do 19 year olds really think about sending nude pics? Brace yourself.

Slutever rules! Here’s a video on the men for rent in Tokyo—I skipped past the men who cry—we’ve already had videos of this guy on SSRU before…

Orgasm anxiety.  What it is, and what to do about it.

Little girls who shred.

In it to win it! Are you a serial monogamist? 6 Reasons Why You Might Be Always Chasing “The One”.

From Elizabeth Shore:

The real dirt on what it’s like to be a phone sex operator.

Those informative gals at The Good Sex Blog have a primer for first-timers using a strap-on so you don’t feel like you’re suddenly on the set of bad lesbian porn.

11 things to make yourself sexy to a guy – that have nothing to do with sex.

Think sex toys today are wild? Check out the enormous dildos and butt plugs from 2,000 years ago.

Why a long-distance relationship is way better than living together.

The 10 best three-way positions for all partners, so everyone can get in on the act.

Feeling proud of your pussy.






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