Sexy Saturday Round Up

15 Jul

Don’t look now, friends, but we’re midway through July! Yikes, where’s summer going?? You better be sure to set aside ample time for some fun or summer will fade as frighteningly fast as your tan. But don’t worry about having to hunt around for great reads this weekend, ’cause we’ve got you covered. Just check out the fun stuff we’ve gathered below.

From Madeline:

Please do not put glitter in your vagina.

This mom wants you to know that she f*cks.

This one’s for you, Alexa Day: abduction fantasies played out in real life. 

I wanna see Atomic Bomb! How Charlize Theron navigates playing a female spy who kicks ass and takes names.

How you make a relationship work when you identify as a pansexual man and your partner identifies as a lesbian who likes casual hook-ups.

Are your hook ups practicing good hook-up etiquette? Are you demonstrating good boundaries with your hook-ups? See what these women have to say about how they expect to be treated when doing a little bonk-da-bonk with no expectations.

From Elizabeth Shore:

One gutsy woman’s response to a guy trying to rape her – biting off his tongue.

Are you a THOT?

A two-fer: 10 yoga poses that double as sex positions.

Yeah, Dirty Dancing turns 30 this year – but here’s how not to celebrate that.

Finally! Game of Thrones season 7 kicks off on Sunday! Get caught up on everything you need to know before the big event.

And watch the trailer to get yourself in the mood to fly atop dragons and kick some Lannister butt.





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