Sexy Saturday Round Up

29 Jul

By Elizabeth Shore

We’re into August next week, dear friends. Where is the time going? Don’t let summer slip into fall without doing something fantastically fun – including catching up on some awesome reads that your intrepid Lady Smut has gathered for your enjoyment. So kick off your shoes, grab a piña colada, and savor the lazy, hazy summertime weekend.

Who makes the best lovers on Game of Thrones? Why, male virgins, of course.

British man decides the cure for boredom while his wife grocery shops is to masturbate.

Go ahead, get your grumpy on. Why science tells us that being in a bad mood can be good.

Idris Elba! Matthew McConaughey! The Dark Tower, based on Stephen King’s epic 8-book series, is just one of the exciting books-into-movies out now or coming your way soon.

Is it hot to have a bunch of paintings of naked people?

What exactly does it feel like to squirt?

One woman’s answer to receiving a guy’s unsolicited dick pic – sending it to his mom.

You say your partner has a really unattractive sex face? Here’s what to do – besides just closing your eyes.

Holy smokin’ nudity! A video of hot, naked, romance book cover guys. Grab the popcorn and settle in.

The awesome things that can come from dating a younger guy.

Leave it to the fashion world to give us the ultimate in WTF-ery: zits are now cool.







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