Sexy Sunday Snippet: Jared, The Kings of Guardian series, by Kris Michaels

30 Jul

This week we have a hot bit from Book 5 of Kris Michaels’ The Kings of Guardian series.

About the book:

The jagged line between love and hate is paper thin and razor sharp. Pushing Christian across that line severs him from Jared’s life…until fate steps in giving Jared one last chance.

Jared King had endured more than the normal amount of danger in his life.

He’d jumped from planes into hot landing zones, been shot at, almost blown up—twice, damn near killed more times than he cared to remember. Yet, nothing in his past compared to the danger of admitting his feelings for Christian Koehler. When Jared pushed Christian away too hard, once too often, the young man finally left and took Jared’s heart with him.

Once upon a time, Christian Koehler had idolized Jared King. But after two years of the arrogant man’s hot and cold mind games, Christian avoided the sexy Guardian like the plague. The jagged line between love and hate was paper thin and razor sharp, and Jared had pushed Christian across that line, with prejudice.

When Christian discovers what he believes is a common thread in several disappearances of the homeless and at-risk teens in his area, he immediately tells his superiors. But neither his employer nor the D.C. cops believe the missing children are connected. Desperate to find out the truth, Christian swallows his pride and returns to the Kings and Guardian for help.

Jared seizes the opportunity to investigate the missing children and the unexpected chance to once again be part of Christian’s life. What he finds leads to a tempest of deceit, danger and intrigue that pulls Christian back into Jared’s world.

This time, Jared vows to fight to keep Christian with him forever—no matter the cost.


Book excerpt:

Christian woke to a heavy muscled arm over his hip. Jared’s hot breath tickled his shoulder.  His body ached with the echoes of last night’s reality-bending sex. He always knew they had chemistry, but what they shared last night had gone beyond the limits of Christian’s imagination. Jared was a considerate lover.  The man’s girth would wreck anyone, but he was gentle, careful and deliberate with his preparation.  Before he’d let exhaustion claim him, Jared had ensured Christian was clean and comfortable. This side of Jared fascinated him. The man was a myriad of personalities, but the whole of the man laid Christian’s heart and soul bare. He’d never be able to walk away from Jared King. He belonged to this man. It was as if it was written in his genetic code.  He wasn’t whole unless he was with the man.

Christian took a deep breath and contemplated that shocking thought.  He knew who he was. He was the product of a fucked up childhood, true, but he was a fighter and a survivor. He worked at a job he loved, but in every aspect of his life, some part of him was missing. Jared filled those misshapen, oddly formed holes. Christian ran his fingers up and down Jared’s arm.  Even after all the shit during the last three years, right now…well, hell, Jared made him happy. Damn, he never thought he’d say that, especially after the fucked up way they started.

“You’re thinking too hard.”  Jared tightened his arm and pulled Christian back into his chest.

Christian chuckled and pushed back on the semi-hard cock growing between his butt cheeks. “Did you say hard?”

Jared laughed and kissed his shoulder where it joined his neck. Gooseflesh formed at the scrape of his morning beard and a shiver ran down his spine. That earned a growl from his lover. “Don’t move, babe.”

Babe. Christian’s mind stopped functioning for a minute at both the command and the endearment. He fell into those words and soaked in the intimacy that watered a place in his soul he’d thought would always be parched.  The seed of hope that Jared had sewn when he begged for a chance had taken hold and was growing.

Jared pulled away. A rush of cooler air chilled Christian’s back. The bed dipped again, and Jared’s warmth returned. He heard the crinkle of a condom packet and then the snick of the lube bottle. Jared tucked up behind him again and resumed his position wrapped around Christian before he whispered, “Lift this leg toward your chest.”  He tapped the thigh of his top leg.

He lay on his side with Jared’s upper arm under his head. He grasped at the muscled forearm that held him to Jared’s chest and lifted into the position Jared requested.  Fingers worked his body, coaxing and relaxing him as Jared’s mouth, and tongue danced over his skin in a barrage of feather light kisses and caresses.

He was tender from last night and the pressure of Jared’s hard cock hurt when the wide shaft pushed through the tight ring of muscles. At his hiss of discomfort, Jared froze his advance and once again began kissing Christian wherever he could reach him—his back, shoulders, and neck. The warmth and attention of Jared’s tongue and lips pulled him away from the pain and gave his body the time it needed to once again accept Jared’s size.  He pushed back and moaned when the pain eased. Intense pressure filled him when Jared thrust forward and seated inside him in one slow, languid motion.

“Fuck, you feel so good.”  Jared exhaled the words, pushing in as deep as he could go.

Jared’s cock slid up against Christian’s prostate, and his world dimmed to the feeling of just the two of them…to the sensations and emotions that swirled and combined taking a firm hold inside him.  Jared’s gentle caresses teased and slowly stoked the fire he’d started deep within.  Fingertips teased his hardened nipples and sent rivulets of pleasure to every fiber of his body. His cock strained with each firm push of Jared’s hips, each soft caress of his lover’s lips or scrape of Jared’s beard.  Christian reached down to stroke himself, but Jared’s hand blocked him.

“No, I want you to come from just me inside you.”  Oh. Fuck.

Jared’s hips continued in the slow slide and retreat. Christian grasped Jared’s hand and threaded their fingers together.  He needed the connection, the reassurance.  This wasn’t just sex and the depth of the emotions he felt slammed into him with the force of a wrecking ball.  He closed his eyes and relaxed back into Jared’s embrace.  He felt wrapped up in the man that was making love to him. He knew he couldn’t extradite himself from the almost overwhelming experience.

“I love you.”  His words fell like a prayer—reverent and honest.  Jared’s lips sought his. The kiss was sideways and sloppy, but stripped bare and genuine. The passion that built between them was no less than last night, but the intensity brought on by the slow burn Jared currently stoked, ramped Christian’s need to an unprecedented fervor.

Jared slowed the kiss and pulled away barely separating their lips. “You’re mine, Christian. I’ll never let you go. You’re my heart, and I’ll cherish the chance you’ve given me. Forever.”


Jared is available now at all major outlets. Find your copy on Amazon, B&N, iBooks and Kobo.


Kris Michaels believes in meeting life head on…as long as there is an ample supply of coffee, whiskey and wine! She believes love makes this crazy life worthwhile. When she isn’t writing Kris enjoys a busy life with her husband, the cop, and her two wonderful sons. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter and check out her webpage.

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