Sexy Saturday Round Up

5 Aug

Howdy cowgirls! Rope yourself a cuppa joe and gather round this week’s sex-gender-romance campfire.

From Madeline:

For Lexi who blogged about this very thing! From Bust mag: Best TV Abortion portrayals

What does the kink community think of kink apps?

Does playing hard to get ever backfire?

The science of passionate sex.

Sushi date from H-E-L-L! 

I can’t use exclamation points and I am dead inside

Back from Valley Of the Dolls: The sleeping beauty diet

How to argue in a relationship & how NOT to argue

From Elizabeth Shore:

4 ways to make foreplay the best part of sex.

Badass tattoo guru Kat Von D gets ready to launch a vegan shoe collection.

Why are you sharing all kinds of personal details to this hot guy you just met? Because sexual attraction loosens your tongue

Drone Boning. It’s now a thing.

Fidget spinners – not just for kids! Now you can put one up your bum.

15 hilarious tweets by women for women.








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