Sexy Saturday Round Up

9 Sep

By Elizabeth Shore

Hey Sexies, pumpkin season is upon us! Or as some people prefer top call it, fall. Whichever term you fancy, we’re talking changing leaves, cozy sweaters, and time for curling up and catching up on some good reads. And wow, have we gathered up some tasty ones for you this week. So grab a cinnamon-something, take a comfy seat, and enjoy.

Sounds like an upstanding time to me! Standing sex positions that’ll make your experience soar.

The best way to get revenge on that a–hole bully from high school? Sleeping with his mom.

Lots of clowning around and yes, It will scare the crap outta you.

Nuru massage – you and your partner get covered head to toe in massage gel and then slip and slide against each other. Count me in!

From Madeline:

Ethical cheating (!) What is it–and is it for you?

What men notice about you during sex.

Links to cool history stuff about women

And you don’t know what you think you might know in this complicated situation that I was talking about with privately to someone else: Dylan Sprouse’s quite amazing response to accusations about cheating.

A NYTimes list of classic films of dramas with strong female leads

Who’s your zaddy? 

Cocktail convo at film parties: Who’s your intimacy choreographer?

Factoids you’ve always wanted to know about Kat Dennings




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