Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round Up

By Elizabeth Mattila

Hey sexies! We’ve rounded up a truly eclectic mix of fun, weird, and get-the-fan-out scorching hot links for you from around the web. Sit back and enjoy. xoxo 

The season of scare is about to descend. It has already floated into theaters, but if that isn’t enough for you, check out this round-up of the creepiest that 2017 has to offer – so far.

Hey leaf peepers, your interactive fall foliage map has arrived.

Total mysogynist a-hole moron goes on live TV and gives women yet another reason to hate him.

Want to have a great orgasm? First get yourself a good massage…down there.

Want to have lots of great orgasms? 5 tips for landing multiple trips to the promised land.

Drool alert! Blazing hot Will Wikle takes all his clothes off…and we get to watch.

So you really like him? Then do not say these seven things.

R.I.P Harry Dean Stanton.

Who doesn’t like Ted Cruz “liking” a porn video? Porn stars.









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