The Real Story Behind BIG SICK *was* More Romantic

28 Sep

People who read my article on THE BIG SICK will be happy to check out this other website, —a fact checking story about the real life romance of Kumail and Emily vs. the rom-com version.

I just wanted to add the following notes based off this article:

  1. When you know, you know.  And it happens fast, removing all obstacles around it, because romance is a mighty force.  So on one hand, YES, I like the true life story better than the on screen version.  It’s more romantic, more forgiving and generous.  More speedy. However, I sympathize with the writers, etc. because rom-coms would be over so fast if romances happened on screen like they do in real life.  True love swiftly quashes almost all obstacles in our modern times.
  2. Kamail is so much hotter in all his photos with real life Emily.  You can just feel the sizzle between them. Just sayin’. Irresistible chemistry cannot be denied.
  3. The guy I’m looking for –the one that the movie disappointed me about–is there in real life.  I quote:

“Was the real Emily upset and angry when she came out of the coma?

Yes. The Big Sick true story confirms that the real Emily Gordon was miserable when she came out of the coma, despite those around her feeling very happy she was awake. “Yeah, a lot of the hospital people had invented a personality for me that did not match how I felt when I woke up,” says Emily. “Because I had, like, fun hair, and I just was mean, and scary, and very upset, and angry and would cry a lot, for like a while. And people were like, ‘Oh, we thought you were gonna be fun.’ And I was like, ‘I used to be.'” According to her now-husband Kumail, she needed time to deal with the fact that she had been betrayed by her own body. “It took me a few months to remember to be fun again,” says Emily.”

It’s a little thing — but the quote “According to her now-husband Kumail, she needed time to deal with the fact that she had been betrayed by her own body.” is the thing I’m talking about.  First of all, we have the fact that she’s not at her best — like plucky cutie-pie Emily in the movie — when she comes out of the coma.  And that he’s there through the thick and thin of that.  They weren’t broken up. There was no distance.

Second of all — his quote indicates a forgiving gentleness with her and how she was at that time.  He understands, he gets it.

This just gives me romance-y swoons all over.  Okay, that’s all.  See ya next week.


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