Sexy Saturday Round Up

30 Sep

It’s sunny outside and Sexy Saturday Round Up inside! Curl up with these links about women, gender, sex, & romance news.  Buckled in? Here we go–

From Madeline:

Who says women ruin chances at marriage by having a lot of sex right away?

Hiddlesbottom says he’s kinda surprised he’s still playing Loki.

Kinky requests for a male escort.

Your egg as a ‘hitching post’ and other new versions of conceptualizations for how sex really works according to less sexist conceptions of science.

Bitch Podcast: Why we love sports–even though they’re so problematic for feminism.  

From Elizabeth Shore:

Why it’s a really, really bad idea to get an eyeball tattoo.

And then there are the vagina piercings.

Thinking about getting high on psychodelic honey? You might want to rethink that.

The secret to great sex? Lots o’ lube.

XOXOAfter Dark lists the 100 romances you must read before you die.



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