Joey W. Hill’s latest M/M Paranormal: Sexy Sunday Snippet

1 Oct

Joey W. Hill has an excerpt today from her latest release–VAMPIRE’S SOUL just for you Lady Smut readers out there.  It’s M/M paranormal! Check it out—

A vampire who wants no one…not even a servant.

A wolf shifter without a pack… 

Joey W. Hill's Vampire's Soul book cover

You know you want it — click to buy.


Background: In this excerpt, Cai and Rand are camping in the forest, where Cai has been watching over Rand while the wolf shifter is healing from a hunter’s bullet. At the beginning of this excerpt, Rand is in his wolf form.

“Been doing a little reading,” the vampire said conversationally, though his gaze was on the chained Rand, tracking his every movement. Cai squatted on his heels a short distance away, forearms loosely braced on his knees, thumb and middle finger of one hand flicking in idle, unconscious movement. Rand changed position, four feet braced as he faced off with the vampire.

“Went into town to snag the chain and collar, and raided the local library for the shifter stuff. Figured a lot of it was going to be complete bullshit, same as it is for vampires, though they do get some things right, like the darkness and blood.” Cai lifted a book that was on the ground by his side. Rand flattened his ears in response, not sure of the intent of the movement until Cai laid it down again.

*It’s a damn book. Think.* He could shift his mind to think like a human while in wolf form, if he focused. He just usually preferred not to do so.

“A few stories say if a shifter stays in his animal form for too long, he’ll be stuck that way forever,” Cai continued in that same annoying, persistent tone. “I expect most shifters would consider that a warning, something to be avoided. For someone who seeks oblivion and to forget the human side of things, I expect it would be really damn appealing. So I was thinking…”

Cai rose and sauntered over to a nearby tree, taking a seat beneath it. “The best way to combat that kind of urge is to remind the shifter what’s appealing about the human form. And I don’t know a male in the world who won’t act in the best interest of his dick.”

With deceptive casualness, he unbuckled his belt, left it dangling as he pulled open the top button of his jeans. Working the zipper down with the pressure of his fist, he curled it around the cock he revealed, since he wore no underwear. “I think you’re up to the reminder, and I’m done waiting. I’ll be gentle, but I want that ass.”

Rand fought his human side, tried to push it back, but his eyes locked onto the vampire’s movements as he settled in to jack himself off. One knee was bent, the other rocked out wide as he slowly pumped his member and considered Rand. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, and Rand’s attention was all over him, the vampire’s scent filling his nose, fueling his hunger. The vampire was right. His body was healed enough for his cock to be stupid.

Vampire arrogance was even farther off the charts than he’d heard. Rand told himself that, even as his eyes clung to what Cai’s hand was doing, and his body trembled on that precipice, the human male inside the wolf wanting, and wanting badly. It had been so long…

“All you have to do to get it, and to get out of that collar, is come back to human form.” Cai lifted his free hand and waggled the thumb. “Useful for unfastening buckles. Or unhooking chains, if you like the feel of the collar I put on you enough to keep wearing it.”

That outrageous statement came with an infuriating, quick grin. It showed the tip of the vampire’s fangs, both the real and the metal one. Rand had never heard of a vampire missing one fang. He didn’t want to be curious. Didn’t want to care.

Cai’s gaze slid down as he fingered his belt with his free hand. “If you shift to human, I could strip this off and use it on your fine ass, punish you for causing me so much work.”

Rand backed up, moved sideways, fought the chain again. He let the rage have him. The chain creaked enough to have the vampire’s brow rising, which was gratifying, but it still held. The pain in his side built to fire. Rand would embrace it until he passed out, taking him away from a decision he couldn’t afford. He didn’t want to feel. Why wouldn’t the vampire leave it alone?

He snarled as the vampire was suddenly on his feet and behind him, arms banded around his throat and the barrel of Rand’s chest, holding him up on his hind legs.

“You aggravate that wound again, and I will fucking tie all your feet together,” Cai breathed against his ear. The threat sent a shiver of sensation through Rand’s body. “I’m glad I assumed you were at least as strong as I am. I’ve reinforced that chain with something you can’t fight. It’s cheating, yeah, but I want a level playing field. Come fight me, man to man. Shift.”

Rand snapped at him, but the vampire stayed out of reach, his hold tightening. “If you don’t,” the vampire promised, “I’ll prove how little of a moral code I’ve got. I’ll shove my dick up your wolf’s ass.”

The idea was so repellent to Rand, he almost shifted then and there, but he pushed back the reaction for another few minutes to prove the vampire couldn’t order him around or threaten him into doing his will. The problem was his human part wanted what the vampire was offering. The lust, strong and heated, surprised him, but the vampire had kept that need kindled over these past few days, hadn’t he? Rand recalled it in quick flashes; a hand passing over his face, his chest, a wet cloth bathing his genitals…

He shifted, fur becoming flesh. The vampire moved with him, more smoothly than seemed possible with the quick, snapping convulsions that accompanied a swift shift. However, when Rand was done, he was still securely in the vampire’s hold. He fought him to be free and this time he won, twisting out of the vampire’s grip and backpedaling away, catching himself before he tripped. He had a momentary impression of the vampire’s hands slipping away, and realized the male had had one palm molded over the wound in Rand’s side to protect it.

The collar was loose on his neck now, but as Rand reached for it, he hit a field he couldn’t get through. He couldn’t even curl his fingers over the darn thing and try to pull it over his head, which he should have been able to do, since the wolf’s neck and ruff was far thicker than his own.

Magic. He couldn’t read the shape of it, but it was obvious that was what it was. He hadn’t imagined that healing wash of heat after all. The damn male was a magic user and a vampire. Something Rand had never heard of, but his knowledge of vampires was far from complete.

Regardless, it made the vampire double the trouble and annoyance.

Cai’s fangs flashed in a grim smile. But as he moved in on Rand, Rand closed his hand over the chain, and realized he could touch that, even if he couldn’t unhook it from the collar. The flash of *oh shit* in the vampire’s eyes was mildly gratifying as Rand dodged past him and employed the chain as a weapon.

He just about clotheslined him. Cai ducked under the chain. He’d had the presence of mind to refasten his jeans so vulnerable things weren’t hanging in the breeze, but Rand’s body was still torqued by the erotic display of rippling muscle and grace as the vampire entered a warrior’s dance with him, up and forward, around. Near pins, missed punches. Twisting, grappling, the chain clanking and the vampire dodging away and out of range before Rand could get Cai tangled in it. Then he closed back in again.

They were like a mirror, anticipating one another too well. Twisting. It occurred to Rand that, thanks to the second mark, Cai was in his head, and if he could follow Rand’s thoughts that fast, he’d stay ahead of Rand, get the advantage. Except Rand used instinct, not thought, and that leveled the playing field.

Then Cai got him pinned against a tree. Rand plunged a fist into his gut that knocked him back. It made the vampire swear, and emit an odd half chuckle. Then the fight got serious.

Damn it, Rand was tiring out. But he wasn’t going to stop fighting. Maybe the vampire figured that out, because suddenly he was outside the ring of combat, just beyond the chain’s length. He stood there, studying Rand, arms crossed over his bare chest.

“Fucking hell,” he murmured. “That was fun.”

It had been…stimulating. Rand’s hands closed into fists. He didn’t want to feel that way. Didn’t want to think about his cock being hard and stiff against his belly, and the vampire noticing it with avid eyes. Cai was just as worked up under his jeans, ready to go.

“Let me go,” Rand growled.

Cai considered, then dipped his head, a short nod. He walked toward Rand, easy, casual, as if they hadn’t just been grappling like enemy combatants. His clear blue eyes were intent on Rand’s, yet seeming to cover every inch of skin at the same time, lingering on Rand’s mouth as he arrived toe-to-toe with him.

“Promise not to run. Let yourself have this, wolf. You want me, I want you. It can be that simple.”

Rand closed his eyes. He wasn’t promising anything, but he wasn’t moving, either. As he stood there for several dozen heartbeats, everything seemed to move in the forest except the air around them, a silent cocoon.

The vampire’s palm rested on his chest, molded over his pectoral, stroked his biceps, the taut nipple. Rand drew in a breath. It had been so damn long…

Cai lifted his touch to the collar. Rand felt a tingle, a release of energy that he recognized as the light coating of heat he’d felt over his shoulders and upper chest when he roused to eat. He’d thought it was a lingering symptom of his injuries.

As the magic dissipated, Cai’s hands closed over the collar. He unbuckled it, the attached chain clinking, his fingertips whispering over Rand’s throat. The leather smell, the stroke of the strap leaving his flesh and replaced by the vampire’s fingers, made Rand’s body tighten. The collar and chain dropped to the ground with a louder clank. Cai’s palm covered the healing scar on his side, one of the knife wounds.

“If you’d stayed human more than a minute at a time,” the vampire said, “I could have kept a bandage on your wounds with some topical that would have helped them heal faster.”

“Didn’t need a nurse.” Rand opened his eyes and flashed an angry look at him.

The vampire slid a rough palm down the center of his back, slow, exploring. Rand closed his eyes again. Fine. Cai wasn’t Dylef, Rand’s former mate, but Rand wasn’t that maudlin. He wasn’t betraying Dylef. It was sex. Just sex, and he could enjoy it without giving it more significance than that. The vampire sure as hell wouldn’t.

“Sex done right doesn’t need a lot of sentiment attached to it, wolf,” Cai said. “The value of a thing for what it is, not what we think it should be.”

*Or wish it could be.* Rand let out a sigh that was half wolf, half man. He couldn’t do anything about the vampire being in his mind, either. Might as well enjoy pure sensation. The vampire was good at this. Creatures of the night, seductive and mesmerizing. He caressed, stroked, learned the lines of Rand’s body, brought every inch of flesh to life. Doing no more than stroking Rand’s shoulders, back, hips. When he reached Rand’s ass, Cai turned his hand over so his knuckles glided over his buttocks, the seam between them.

“You could bounce rocks off this work of art. All that running, I expect. Do you like to run, Rand? It’s an animal thing, stretching out over the ground, going faster and faster, connecting to the elements as you do it. Feeling the wind, the earth beneath you, the sky above.”

He wanted to do it right now, merely from the images Cai was planting, but Cai’s hand closed over his buttock, a hard grip that snagged Rand’s attention fully again.

“Stay with me. I’ll give you a different way to feel like you’re flying.”

He didn’t say it like a boast. A simple assertion of fact. Cai nudged his knee. “Spread these apart.”

It was a command, which raised Rand’s hackles, but as Cai’s hand slid down between his legs from behind, he complied, and swallowed a growl as the vampire captured his testicles in a strong, kneading grip. His fingertips whispered over the base of Rand’s hardening cock.

“There you are. Fuck, you are a treasure.” Cai clasped Rand’s hip with the other hand. The vampire’s possessive hold on his balls resulted in a surge of further desire.

“Do you like pain and restraint, wolf? Are shifters more conservative and vanilla, or do you like taking that animal dominance and submission into darker waters, same as vampires do?”

Whereas vampires stayed in the shadows, wolf shifters were the shadows. But they kept tabs on their non-human brethren, like vampires. Wolves learned about their competitors in the predator world as much as they could. In addition to the information about their speed and strength had come other rumors. How deep and brutal their sexual tastes ran.

And that they were insatiable.

“No,” Rand said, to cover all angles of the question. But he needn’t have said anything, since he suspected his mind revealed some of it. He hadn’t thought of such things, and it hadn’t been part of his life before. Well, not beyond how they manifested in a wolf’s normal makeup, as Cai had pointed out. But the things that woke to life when the vampire threatened to mark his ass, or drove him to his knees, were confusing but undeniable. Darker, deeper parts of what was already in Rand’s mind. A desire for pain, punishment and pleasure, so strong everything else would be swept away. Every agony of the heart too great too bear.

He pushed that away, too, put it back on a physical footing. It was likely the vampire allure, opening their prey’s minds to possibilities they wouldn’t normally entertain.

“No, you don’t do pain and restraints, and no, wolves aren’t more conservative.” Cai chuckled, a sound that cinched around Rand’s cock like a leash, jerking it to attention. “Or simply no, to tell me we’re not having that conversation.”

“Wolves don’t talk this much during fucking.”

“No, I don’t expect they do.” Cai gripped Rand’s buttocks, spreading them, and rubbed his cock in the channel. Rand’s muscles tightened, a ripple going through his arms and shoulders. He was standing there, rigid, but like a tree, he was starting to sway.

“You’re tiring, and I don’t want to wear you out,” the vampire said mildly. “So how about we make this one straightforward. But I like all the directions your mind goes when I touch you, wolf. We’ll have to explore that.”

“I’m not hanging around long enough for a guided tour.”

Cai made a noncommittal noise, and then his grip tightened, his body pressed flush against Rand’s, shoulders to cock to knees. “Go down for me, wolf. All fours. Your favorite position.”

Rand would have locked his knees, but Cai didn’t force it. He nudged, with one knee and the temptation of his cock teasing against Rand’s ass, and another quiet whisper. The words were almost unintelligible, but the meaning clear enough, especially since he let Rand hear it in his head.

*I’ll make it feel good. Simple and easy.*

Rand let his knees give, and when he was on them, dropping to his palms, the vampire delivered. He used his saliva to lube Rand’s opening and his cock, too, he expected, since he felt the vampire working his shaft in his hand as he rubbed against Rand’s ass.

*I’ll bet you have something else to ease my way, coming out of that hard cock of yours. Let me have it.*

Rand gripped himself, slipping his curled fist over his cockhead and finding the pre-come there that Cai had anticipated. His erection was substantial, so he didn’t know why his own response surprised him. Mixed emotions held him as he reached back, palm open and up, and Cai’s strong grip closed over his wrist.

He held Rand’s palm steady as he rubbed his cock over Rand’s damp palm and fingers. It really didn’t add a lot, but it shoved the arousal factor up another two or three notches. Then Cai released him to guide his cock, slippery enough from the combined lubrication, into Rand’s opening. He nudged, playing, teasing, until Rand was pushing back against Cai, frustrated.

“Be still, wolf,” Cai said mildly. “Or I’ll put you on your elbows and show you who’s boss.”

Rand snorted, and Cai answered with one of those sensual chuckles. But the moment of humor disappeared, swallowed by darker, needier things. *Do it. Just do it.* Cai’s hands were all over him, kneading and squeezing his ass, running along his back, his sides, learning him, appreciating him. Enjoying more than just his cock.

Too close to intimacy. Things were growing too hard to manage inside of Rand, making it hard to breathe. He was about to throw the vampire off, start that battle once again…

Cai thrust through both sets of ass muscles, seating himself with a hum of satisfaction. Rand bit back a groan at his traitorous cock’s leap of satisfaction. Maybe because he wasn’t a hundred percent healed, maybe because the vampire put pressure on him he didn’t recognize until it happened, Rand found himself on his elbows. But as they dug into the ground, the anchor and angle took the other male deeper, filling him up. Cai set both hands to his hips.

“Nice,” he purred. He bent close over Rand’s back, his breath caressing Rand’s spine, and fangs scraped over his flesh. The wound in Rand’s side was starting to burn again, and Cai noticed.

“Does it hurt, wolf? Hurt too much?”

From the rumors Rand had heard, that would only turn the vampire on more. Cai chuckled.

“Sometimes,” the vampire acknowledged. “But that’s not the right kind. That’s the type that causes me more work and makes you a one-time fuck, and I want far more out of this fine ass than that.”

Rand snarled and pushed back against him, a message itself. Cai chuckled. “Long as I don’t take too long about things, you don’t care, right? You won’t get to shorten things between us in the future, wolf. But today, I’ll be merciful.”

Mercy had a different definition to vampires, apparently. Cai started thrusting again, but he paced himself, making Rand ride that edge of pain from his injuries while building him up to a mind-boggling arousal. Cai was taking Rand toward orgasm, but at his own pace, until Rand was held away from it by little more than a breath. If this was shortening things, an actual full health fuck with a vampire might be life-threatening.

Cai teased him, spoke to him in that low, sensual voice, saying things that Rand should have ignored, shouldn’t have affected him at all. But his body responded to the words as much as he did to the fucking. The male had a way with words, and a substantial cock, and he knew what to do with both. He could wield the latter like a damn blunt instrument or a precision tool. A power tool, for damn sure.

Cai’s additional chuckle made Rand’s ears burn. Fuck, he needed to remember the vampire was in his head.

“Think any thought you wish, wolf,” Cai said, covering his body, dropping his hand on the ground behind Rand’s braced elbow. “It just makes me want you more.”

Want to read Chapter One of Vampire’s Soul? Or have the author read it to you? Find Chapter One, blurb and buy links at Joey W. Hill’s website.

But you probably already know you want to buy it — so here’s a link: AMAZON.  And if you’re craving more Sexy Snippets — you know to check back here at Lady Smut every Sunday. ; >


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  1. Elizabeth SaFleur October 1, 2017 at 11:21 am #

    Wowsa – that is one hot excerpt. Thank you, Joey, for giving us a glimpse into your latest. Your books make me so happy … So, so hot!!!


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