Sexy Saturday Round Up

13 Oct

By Elizabeth Shore

The leaves, they are a’changing. In some places anyway. So put some warmth in your cup to balance the chill in the air. We’ve got some fun and sexy links for you on this fun and sexy Saturday. Enjoy!

Need some fresh new sexting ideas? Here you go.

And while we’re on the topic, why straight men send other guys dick pics. Wtf? Is this a thing?

Is Harvey Weinstein really a sex addict or is that just a good excuse to stay out of jail?

Orgasm confessions.

Need to chill out or just shut out the bonehead in the cube next to yours? Check out these cool ambient noise sites. Oh, and P.S., it boosts creativity.

A comedy channel targeted to Vets doesn’t have everyone laughing.

From Madeline:

Entertainment Weekly published a report on the sad state of romance diversity in the publishing world. : (

Jezebel talks back to the numbers about romance diversity, and suggests authors who write diverse characters that we would all enjoy reading.

Two women tried having sex with ghosts.  Here’s what happened.

Talking about the gender gap in tech as a plot device at Romance Novels for Feminists.

Should we decriminalize prostitution…? Maybe not for punters and pimps. A former prostitute weighs in.








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