Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round Up

By Elizabeth Shore

A snap is in the air, leaves are changing, and the New York City marathon is happening this weekend. But instead of pounding the pavement, run on over to your computer, tablet, or phone and check out all the cool stuff we’ve rounded up for you this weekend. Now that’s our kind of racing.

What did these 25 women do when people said they couldn’t? They changed the world.

Want to lose weight? Don’t exercise.

Get your groove on with the sexiest songs of all time.

What’s wrong with the sex you’re having? Apparently, quite a lot.

Judge doles out fabulous punishment for douchbag who wrote 144 nasty texts to his ex.

The brutal disconnect between men who rape and why they won’t call themselves rapists.

The horror the horror the horror: Where alt-right lurks on reddit, what kind of slang they use, and how it’s all one big connected horror show.

A new TV show: it’s like The Wire with Prostitutes, but it’s more fun, apparently.

Does honesty turn you on? Then check out this guy:

Are you “selective” or “picky” when it comes to men?



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