Sexy Saturday Round Up

11 Nov

By Elizabeth Shore

We’ve got it all for you this weekend, fellow Smutters. Movie previews, kinky authors, and how about those awesome Egyptians?! Before the holiday madness kicks in, kick off your shoes and dig in to these fun reads.

Great news! In addition to being the go-to destination for all your latest porn insights, Porn Hub now has a line of sex toys.

There are lots of things to do in Iceland. What not do? Get married.

Technology lending a hand in the fight against sexual harassment.

A look back at the orgasm machine that revolutionalized sex. Happy Birthday, Real Touch!

What to do when you’re treated like one of the guys – and prefer to be treated like a lady.

Harvard’s anal sex workshop. Yes, that Harvard.

From Madeline:

How Egyptians connected changes in a woman’s pee to her pregnancy loooooong before western medicine did.

You want to go there? Okay, let’s go there! Slutever has an interview with kink author Katherine Gates about deviant desires. (Includes some pictures! Will these turn you on? An *interesting* question!)

A good marriage is based on realistic expectations.  The bad marriage–not so much.

Going to see Thor this weekend? Yeah, me too.  This article says Marvel has a Hela of a villain problem…(see what I did there?) I read it up to the spoilers, but I’m sticking it here so I can go back to it on Monday after I see the movie.





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