Sexy Saturday Round Up

18 Nov

By Elizabeth Shore

It’s countdown to Thanksgiving here in the U.S. The turkey, the relatives, the shopping – oh my! But before your world explodes into holiday insanity, take a moment for yourself to unwind and enjoy the titillating reads we’ve got in store for you. We’re talking wine condoms, new ways to three ways, and oh yeah. Pioneers. Sexual pioneers. Have fun! xo

From Madeline:

Let’s talk about Ross Poldark’s best “I want to fuck” stare.

No mimbos here! Cover model Scott Nova gets coffee with Rae Latte from I love Books A Latte– Follow her blog!

We’re looking at threesomes a whole new way these days.

Why John Stewart’s “Louis C. K. did that? I had no idea!!!” hand waving doesn’t play after this exchange happened years ago. (BTW, notice how very patient and reasonable the guy asking questions is as he keeps trying to go deeper into the questions.)

American sexual pioneers who aren’t straight, white dudes.

We’ll talk about this more next week:  What if instagram and goodreads had a baby? 

Why would a guy even want to force a woman to watch him masturbate? Why? Why? Why? Here’s a sex therapist with some answers.

From Elizabeth SaFleur:

Forget stoppers, wine condoms are the wave of the future.

Mile high club members reveal best techniques for enjoying the friendly skies.

Having trouble climaxing? There’s an app for that.

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