Sexy Saturday Round Up

25 Nov

By Madeline Iva

Hello Post-feast Revelers– Hope you’re exhausted after a joyous holiday.  If you’re like me you’re enjoying a breakfast of left over pie, planning on huddling inside all day and soaking up our sexy smexy round up of news about romance, gender.  And if you didn’t see it yesterday, please check out our Black Friday Giveaway!  Now on to the fun stuff. 🙂

Apparently, young people lurv anal. Is the prevalence of porn encouraging young people to experiment more in bed?

That sex toy that came with an app – yeah, that was recording you.

There’s a mankini plague coming to a beach near you.

Every successful relationship is successful for the exact same reasons.

Avoid the trap that is nice guy stealthing.

What are you gonna get your friend who is a little **too** into Jane Austen? Check out these Xmas gifts.

Read your fav romances at the Comfort Cat Cafe

Why women wear heels: because humans are fixated on an arched back.

When the big relationship in your life is really a devoted friendship.

Heard this one? Lady Smut readers, I bring you Dave The Period Fairy. Urban legend? Or true story?–you decide.

The new mid-life crisis for women.

Sexists need not apply: Publisher refuses to look at manuscripts addressed to “Dear Sirs”

Karma’s a bitch! This guy ghosted his ex, and now she’s about to be his new boss. 

Follow update on this guy and his ex, soon-to-be-boss and how it all worked out.

The Hero Groom is dripping wet.



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