Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round Up

By Elizabeth Shore

We’ve crossed over into December, Sexies, so we’re now officially in “holiday madness” month. Mad indeed! The stores, the food, the parties – and what’s with the upside-down Christmas tree trend?! Who knows? Who cares! Spin the dreidel, grab a cuppa ‘nog, and take a break from the bizarre by settling in for the fun reads we’ve gathered up for you this week. Bottoms up!

Does your real family or your office family want to do Secret Santa? Check out these 5 free websites for making the gift exchange a snap.

Sexual harassment allegations giving guys anxiety about how to behave when dating. Yeah. Really.

Yet another good reason to put down your phone – cause it’s messing with your brain.

Robots! Sexiness! Cyberpunk Dystopia! Strap in and turn on Netflix’s new series Altered Carbon.

How to moan.

From Madeline:

Did you know that NYC strippers are on strike!

Would an intimacy director help? Movie studios are working to find ways to make sex scenes safer.

A show about SMILFS! Single mothers…

Ever tried wooing an office crush with a $12.00 chocolate chip cookie? This woman tried.

Tales from the orgasm lab.







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