Sexy Saturday Round Up

30 Dec

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

We’re headed toward the finish line of 2017! In two days this year will be in the history books, and I’ll be starting out this new year as I do most – a lazy day on the couch with my best friend SyFy and The Twilight Zone marathon. But before that, let’s finish out this year with a bang and some fun stuff we’ve rounded up for you all. From all of us at Lady Smut, thanks for your support, sexy readers! See you ’round the bend. x0 …

2017 had its share of downers – the current president, anyone? – but leave it to the folks at Reader’s Digest to give us a list of the best things 2017 had to offer.

What it’s like to be a nude art model.

Bear shifter romances. Yeah, they’re a thing.

What’s wrong with a calendar full of hot dudes reading? Oh wait. Nothing.

To sell your books you need to be a person, not a personal brand.

From Madeline:

Uh-oh! Looks like someone needs to go to the Love Hospital.

The inspiration behind the “Cat Person” a bad dating story in the New Yorker that’s been creating a sensation we posted about last week. This week the author got a seven figure deal.

Whoops! Guy tweets a cute photo of his girlfriend and cat to his mom–but what’s that other stuff hanging from his bed??????

Suck it, Trump! Trans peeps can enroll in the military as of Jan 1st. (They’re already *in* the military, doncha know…)

Romance alert: What do you do about that hot guy on the train?

And for the other kind of gal: She’s a sugar-momma to four hot men. Here’s how it’s working for one career minded woman.

On one hand, I completely disagree with this article.  On the other hand, if you just met the guy and really don’t know him from adam–well, maybe this is good advice…How to fall in love SLOWLY.


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