Sexy Saturday Round Up

12 Jan

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Hey Sexies! Here we are, two weeks into the new year. Who’s tired? Anyone? I gotta confess, I’m not just tired but downright exhausted. Work is going gangbusters, madness has ensued. The holidays feel like I can barely remember what happened they were so long ago. I’m ready for another break. But, hey! There’s one on the horizon. For those of you who’ve got Monday off in celebration of Dr. King, good on ya. Enjoy, relax, remember how great he was. For those of you who will be toiling away on Monday, take your break now and check out this week’s fabulous round-up of goodness. Put your feet up and stay awhile. You’ve earned it. 😉

Movie awards season is getting underway. One of the films with buzz is I, Tonya. But what does Nancy Kerrigan think of it all?

A woman of color sex worker who’d like to elevate women of color.

Fire and Furythe podcast!

Here they come…the most anticipated books of 2018.

Are you a micro-cheater?

Turns out, the fad of eating laundry pods is a really bad idea.

People lie about their sexual desires. Just ask Google.

From Madeline:

Why you shouldn’t focus on what an ugly toad Weinstein is.

So supposedly these facial exercises kinda work to make you look younger— wanna try them?

Don’t believe the nasty narcissist when he tries to make you feel inferior to someone else.

Ready for the WOMEN’S MARCH again? Sure ya are!

Four sisters, one king, & a lotta f**king goin’ on.

Roxanne Gay calls out a writer’s workshop for their fatphobia and they cringe in response. Huzzah!

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