Sexy Saturday Round Up

27 Jan

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Is it true that this is the last weekend of January? It is! Crazy as that seems the winter is zooming away. Soon we’ll start noticing buds on the trees and bugs on the ground. But not quite yet. As Madeleine notes below, we’re still dealing with cold weather and chipped nipples! OW indeed! We’ve got some fabulous links for you this weekend, so pull up a glass of Jon Bon Jovi wine – yes, that John Bon Jovi – and settle in.

Feeling a little short on cash? Come to NYC and meet a rich guy. Here’s where lads with loads hang out.

The hottest new drink in the Hamptons – John Bon Jovi wine.

What your horoscope says about your love life in 2018.

Do you need a vibrator that warms up? Well, yeah, maybe…

Make sure your guy doesn’t start pulling away by avoiding these six things.

From Madeline:

The history of romance novels – with Lucy Worsley (to know her on You Tube and her historical docu-films is to love her)

This woman protests the wage gap by writing erotic fan fic at work.

Is this The Onion? This is NOT the Onion: Irish woman legally marries 300 year old pirate ghost.

We need bodice ripper sex ed. How modern Bodice Rippers teach us about the need for women’s pleasure to come first.

Baby it’s COLD outside! So keep those nipples warm, eh? Hospitals across Maine report epidemic of chipped nipples this winter. OWWW!

Why we’re obsessed with student-teacher sex.

She writes romance novels, but in reality she’s have “Cat Person” sex — author Andie J. Christopher shares her new resolutions in this #MeToo moment.

They’re the WORST: A gilded age satire on comedy central is all too apt in pointing to the worst class crimes of our modern age.

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