Sexy Saturday Round Up

10 Feb

By Elizabeth Shore

The season of love is upon us. I’m talking Valentine’s Day, people, coming at us next Wednesday. Hump day! Rather appropriate, don’t you think? And let’s hope there’s a whole lotta humping going on. 😉 Are you expecting flowers? Are you hoping for diamonds? Or maybe just a night off from the daily grind? Whatever you’re dreaming of, we here at Lady Smut wish you a most special day. So get the party started this weekend. Why not? We’ve rounded up some fab things for you to enjoy. From us to you, Sexies. xo Lady Smut

Away from the ordinary indeed. Here are 40 of the strangest Valentine’s Day gifts ever.

SO romantic! Ballet dancers perform Romeo and Juliet, and then he drops to a knee and proposes. Where are my tissues?

10 reasons why your man might be struggling to get hard.

The male birth control pill. There may be hope at last.

The top 40 sex positions. Edge of Heaven, anyone?

Time to waste? Just plain bored? Go here! You can watch a baby buffalo chase an elephant and other totally silly and pointless but fun things to look at.

Do you wish your private life was kinkier? So does everyone else.






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