Sexy Saturday Round Up
February 16, 2018

Sexy Saturday Round Up

By Elizabeth Shore

Where in the world is February going?! We blinked and suddenly the month’s half over. But that’s not a bad thing. Before too long we’ll be doing more than just dreaming of spring, we’ll be living it. In the meantime, do some living this weekend and curl up with some great reads we’ve gathered up for you. Happy Saturday!

How do you explore your kinky, exhibitionist side? Here’s how.

A guy’s guide for giving you a blended orgasm.

Well, this is handy. Lingerie created specifically for oral sex.

The latest fashion trend taking the world by storm? Why, vagina wigs, of course.

What the flu does to your brain.

If you want to know about hot consent, just ask a romance novelist.

Breaking things off kindly by caspering. It’s like ghosting, but nicer.

From Madeline:

He’s Philippino and he’s HAWT — Who else wants to suck up all the goodness of The Good Place’s Manny Jacinto?

Stressed? Disinterested? Erotic — from Lifehacker: How to identify your partner’s libido type.

Why do we hate it so when some super-hot dude gets shackled for life? Idris got engaged. Sigh.

Lady Smut’s BEDROOM OLYMPICS: all the olympic news relating to sex, gender, and romance:

Got giant penis-headed men? The Olympic park does.

On The Ideological Front: From The New Yorker: The mesmerizing spectacle of North Koreas Army of Beauties.

This is the horniest Olmpics ever! Too bad gold medals aren’t handed out…



I know what I want go see around Valentine’s Day –and it ain’t 50 Shades.



Does Everyone Have a Friendship Complex, or Just Me?



Summer’s a long ways away—beach wave hair is not!







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