Sexy Saturday Round Up

24 Feb

Sexy Saturday Round UpHey people with vaginas! Hope you’re rocking the winter vibe with hot drinks, and fun scarves.  We’ve got a great Sexy Saturday Round Up for you today — from demon hunters, to Canadian ice dancers, from whiney asshats to tips on how to give a hand job — follow these links for some good time reading!

From Madeline:

How do books with strong women become #1 bestsellers? [Note, I posted this is so you could watch the video at the bottom . The author is very irritating in his facial ticks–well in every way, really–and his intro to the topic is irritating too.  But what he SAYS is interesting.

Score one against conservative sexists: No, you google ex-employee who thinks women are all categorically inferior – the U.S. Labor Association will not support your asshat views

From Jezebel: Are Virtue & Moir F**king or What?

From HEA:  You’re sick of door mat heroines too, aren’t you? Here’s someone subverting romance stereotypes with a female “Unlikeable Demon Hunter”

From Reductress: Study Shows Women Are Happier When Their Partners Aren’t Massive Douchebags

Love is love, right? Nope. Love is adapting to modern times, apparently.  Experts weigh in on how the face of love is changing.

But do they experience vaginal dryness? Female Killer Whales Go Through Menopause

Ever wondered how to give a smashing, glorious hand job? Lifehacker tells you how. 




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