Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round UpAre you staying warm this weekend? Warm afghan? Check! Bowl of pop corn? Ya. Bonus points for a warm pet or a hot guy. Cuddle up mah friend with a little Sexy Saturday Round Up! We’ll keep you warm inside.

The tricky science of blending together when you both already have families 

Calling all Women Warriors! If you loved Black Panther then this is a new movie you’re gonna wanna see.

From Man Repeller: A No Effort Winter Outfit Hack You Gotta Have

From Lifehacker: How to play with testicles

From Women’s Health: The best natural lube for you.

Need more links? Sure ya do! Check out this links article in Slutever. ESPECIALLY check out their article on Phile, a new magazine. (And omg—the cover for issue 2. O.M.G.)


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